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Former national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Ahmadu Ali, has revealed how former President Goodluck Jonathan offended ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo ahead of the 2015 election.

Recalling the letter Obasanjo wrote against Jonathan and his government, Ali said the former Bayelsa deputy governor should not have replied publicly.

 <p>Speaking on defeat of Jonathan and the PDP, the retired Colonel told Sun: “As Director General of the campaign, I could smell that some things were going wrong, that the person I was working for did not see it.</p> <p>“So, there is a limit, I am not the candidate. Yes, I advised him, I did it even when he was President. I sit down here, I was not even Chairman anymore when he was President, but he still calls me Chairman because I met him as the deputy governor. He will come to my house, he will sit down and I will sit, I will give my advice, then he will leave, I will hear on the radio he has done a different thing.</p> <p>“Next time he will come again, and I don’t know how many times but I was not discouraged; I wanted him to get deep into that, you are the Executive President of this country; you have 160 million people from whom you can take advice. Whichever advice suits you, use it and I don’t mind.</p> <p>“I look at the real picture so I had to argue my advice that way. Even when there was slight misunderstanding with Obasanjo; I warned him and I said stop that, never reply that man again. Don’t you ever reply him and don’t even show you are angry because all that the man is looking for is respect like any old man.</p>     <p>“So what will bring you to quarrel with him, you are in charge and the thing went up until Obasanjo came here and told me we must go and see Jonathan. Two of them sat down, bantering and I told them that the two of them are dangerous people. Those outside here will take sides, they will start killing each other, the moment you people come back to this same Aso Villa and start bantering, people outside will not know, so I don’t want to hear this at all.</p> <p>“I don’t know what you people see here in Aso Villa; I have never lived there. I said you should stop this at once, it’s not good. Jonathan said it’s because both of us are friends. I said you are not a good boy, if you are a good boy, you will know that what this man needs is just some recognition. You will call him on phone and say I am coming for launch, take a plane away to his Ota farm. The topic you are discussing, only God will know, with that people will say they are comfortable.</p> <p>“After we lost the 2015 election, which really was unbelievable, but again it happened and I was one of those who said they should throw in the towel because these people were coming to ignite fire in this nation. I was in charge, I had my situation room and I was getting my report.”</p>       <br />
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