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The Atiku Campaign Organisation has said that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar will restructure Nigeria within one year if elected President in 2019.

 <p>Featuring on Arise Television, yesterday, the spokesperson of the organization, Segun Sowunmi said Nigerians would have seen practical restructured activities that government would have embarked on within one year if the Waziri of Adamawa becomes President.</p> <p>He stated that the Nigerian constitution was not created to be an obstacle to development, adding that Nigerians can determine what they need to change that can give them the desired growth.</p>     <p>Sowunmi said, “The first thing Atiku is going to do once he sets up his government, which will take six months, is that he’s going to set up a special committee that will look at all of the reports, 1995, 2005, 2014, harmonise them and get what is the commonalities so that we can know what is consistently being demanded, pull out all the harmonised stuff, looking at all the things Nigerians have been clamouring for, which of those things can be signed by an executive order, maybe things that are on the concurrent list.</p> <p>“Then, he will look at the ones that require him to work with the legislature and stakeholders in the country and say look Nigerians, our constitution was not created to be an obstacle to development. We have the power, as Nigerians, to determine what we need to change that can give us the growth we need, giving that he’s very good at building consensus and pulling people together.</p> <p>“But one thing you can be sure of is that, within 6 to 8 months, maximum of one year, Nigerians would have seen practical restructured activities that the government would have embarked on.</p>     <p>“You know why? It’s because you are going to have in the office of the president an Atiku Abubakar, not someone who is paying lip service to restructure, somebody who has been standing on restructuring for such a long time, who has written on restructuring and who has advocated for restructuring?”</p> <p>On the issue of Abubakar spending just one term if elected President, Sowunmi said, “When we get to that bridge, we will certainly cross it. But what I will say to you is this. Atiku Abubakar keeps his words and his obligations. What he says or signs up to, you can rest assured that he will do it. He’s not a flippant fellow and he doesn’t play to the gallery.”</p>       <br />
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