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Pragya holds Tanu’s hand and takes her to the temple. She asks Tanu to tell infront of God. Tanu says she don’t get scared of her and her God. Pragya says but she gets scared of ghost. Tanu says Pragya have to change and became negative inorder to bring her truth. She says she have ended love in Abhi’s heart for her. Pragya says she know that he used to hate her when they got married, but it changed into love that too infront of God. She says her love is true and it will not take time to rebuild the love in his heart.

Pragya informs Tanu that her love is pure. She reminds Tanu that when she and Abhi got married at that point of time, Abhi used to hate her but slowly and gradually Abhi starts loving her and her destiny wouldn’t separate her and Abhi. She adds up saying that her love is related to her marriage and due to her marriage Abhi is not going to leave her either. Pragya also informs Tanu that she and her boyfriend would never understand their love and makes it clear that she will reveal Tanu’s truth to Abhi and go back to him as his wife. Tanu starts laughing as she believes that Pragya is not not aware of who her real lover is and replies sarcastically that without knowing the facts of her, Pragya has come up to fight with her. She adds up saying that knowing half-truth is dangerous than full truth, she asks Pragya’s to first learn the entire truth and then try to ruin her plans, Tanu sounds confident as she came to know that Pragya is not knowing who is her boyfriend and she is ready to fight with Tanu. Later on, she plans to tell the truth to Pragya where she gets ready to tell the full truth. She asks what will she tell to Abhi about the baby’s father that Chandra maa gave her this baby as a blessing. Pragya thinks she doesn’t know that she know her baby’s father and decides to let her be in dark by playing a game where she hides that she is knowing the name of Tanu’s boyfriend and finds this game interesting. Pragya replies Tanu saying that she don’t care who the father of this child is, the important is she just want to prove Abhi that Tanu is cheating on him. She adds that when Tanu want to be kicked out of house, then it is okay. Tanu says Pragya will be kicked out of the house. Pragya says her dreams will not come true and calls her baharwali. There is a long conversation between Tanu and Pragya where they both challenges each other that to whom Abhi will throw out of the house. Tanu says only time will tell, who will stay with Abhi now. She admit it that this baby is not of Abhi, she challenges Pragya saying that the child will get Abhi’s name and will be the grandson of Mehra’s family. She challenges her to bring out her truth and save Abhi. Where as Pragya challenges Tanu that she will malign her name and that she will throw Tanu out of the house with disrespect. She adds that Abhi will marry her again and he will fill her maang and accept her back as his wife. She says this is her challenge. Both of them accepts the challenge.

Tanu says she will change the game, and Abhi will kick her out from his heart then she will become his wife and stay happily. She adds that this challenge is a war and whoever wins Abhi will be of her and asks Pragya not to tell Abhi about their challenge, directly or indirectly. Pragya agrees and promises that she won’t disclose the truth in front of Abhi but if she act smart or try to win through cheating or cleverness then she will forget her promise and will disclose the truth. She takes God’s promise and their marriage rituals, kumkum, mangalsutra etc and vow that Tanu’s baby will not get his name. She says only her baby will get his name, who will be his heir and challenges her. Tanu looks on as she leaves.

Meanwhile, Abhi and Daadi is having a conversation where Daadi receives call from Pragya. Daadi says everything is set and asks her to come there. Pragya denies to come to that place. She request Daadi to come home along with Abhi and she will explain the things at home and she will call up Purabh and will call him at home. Daadi asks Abhi, to lets them go home. Abhi says he is feeling good here. Daadi says she will make Sarla scold Pragya. Abhi gets happy. On the other hand, Nikhil thinks he will search for Ronnie and then only leave. He then sees Ronnie sleeping in the room. He feels shock to know that he is alive and wonders how he is alive? He thinks how can he sleep peacefully. He thinks to make him unconscious and plans to kidnap Ronnie and take him away so that he can make Ronnie speak what he wants. He puts chloroform on the handkerchief and is about to make Ronnie smell it, but just then his phone rings. Ronnie wakes up, he sees Nikhil standing and in order to save himself from Nikhil, he hits him and runs away. Nikhil starts running after Ronnie meanwhile he gets disappeared but Nikhil sees Ronnie hiding and tries to go inside, but Ronnie puts the door on his face and locks him in the room. By mistake, Nikhil has smelled the liquid which makes the person unconscious. Meanwhile, Tanu calls Nikhil up and calls him to some place and he gets success in informing Tanu about his location that he is locked in the servant’s quarters. Tanu thinks Nikhil is drinking with servants. She decides to go and mast Nikhil as without his help she cannot do anything.

Pragya waits for Purabh. Just then Daadi and Abhi return home. Daadi says she is going to meet Sarla. Abhi wonders what happened to his Daadi? She didn’t tell anything to Pragya. Pragya comes face to face with Abhi. Abhi tells her that he got ways to deal with her. Pragya says she don’t need any plans. Abhi thinks she made counter plans. Pragya thinks today he will get his fuggi and everything will be fine. Abhi says she have become wall separating happiness from the house. Pragya says morning will be beautiful and happiness will enter the home. Abhi asks if she has heard the poetry? He asks where will he be samadhi? Pragya says he will have a wax statue at madame tussads. Pragya adds that someone will leave and someone will get his loved ones. Abhi asks what did she mean? Pragya says he will know everything at night as she believes that if everything goes well, Tanu truth will finally be out and she will be once again be with Abhi. Abhi thinks she is trapping him in her words and decides to check on Daadi and Sarla.

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Tanu comes home and tells Pragya that time is changing and her government will also change. Pragya says she didn’t come here to make government but to kick her out. Tanu says Abhi loves her. Pragya says Abhi has only loves his fuggi in his heart. Tanu says she is so proud of her kumkum and mangalsutra, and says Pragya is actually weak. Pragya says Tanu will soon realize it’s importance, and she will not understand. Tanu says Pragya didn’t stay with Abhi even for a night. Pragya says one doesn’t need to stay with her husband to be together. Tanu says Pragya can’t think what she have planned against her. Pragya smiles and tells her she don’t know about her plan. She will kick her, her boyfriend and her baby altogether. Tanu gets angry.

Meanwhile, Daadi tells Sarla that Abhi will come there in sometime and makes a plan with Sarla to deceive Abhi and she should pretend to scold Pragya in front of Abhi and Sarla should also signal them that she is angry with her. Once Abhi comes there, Daadi tells Sarla that she is angry with Pragya and asks Sarla to slap Pragya. Abhi asks Sarla not to slap Pragya and just show her hand signing that she is angry with her.

Tanu comes to the servant’s quarters and opens the door. Nikhil thank her that she is here. Tanu gets furious with him and asks him as to what is he doing there. Nikhil asks her as to why is she behaving in a weird manner and also asks her if Pragya got to know anything about him. Then, Tanu informs him that Pragya challenge her that she would reveal their truth to Abhi that night and send her out of the house permanently. Nikhil informs Tanu that he will not allow Pragya to reveal the truth and he will prove his words. On the other hand, Purabh and Pragya are talking where Purabh ask Pragya the reason of calling the meeting so urgently and in this conversation, Ronnie comes running to Pragya where he was breathless. Purabh asks him the reason behind it if he have seen a ghost. Ronnie informs them that Nikhil came to the quarter room where he was about to make him unconscious and kidnap him but he ran away from there. Pragya blames herself for the happenings and adds up saying that it’s all her mistake when she has the proof against Tanu, she should have disclose that in front of all. She predicts that Tanu has informed everything to Nikhil so he is after Ronnie’s life. Ronnie replies saying that this danger can be in anyone’s life and by taking this danger, if she and Abhi can come together than he is ready to this danger for lifetime. Purabh raises the question regarding how Tanu came to know all the truth. Did Pragya and Tanu had any conversation on this? Pragya informs him that she received the call in name of Bulbul and in her voice. She further informs him the conversation that happened between them as Tanu showed the video in which they were planning against her. Purabh is thinking now what Tanu is going to do? Despite of having proof against her, she may play smartly. She shouldn’t have come to know the truth about Pragya. Pragya replies that whatever happened is good. Up till now she was hiding and was fighting against Tanu now she can openly fight against her. She convinces Purabh saying that Tanu is having video but the in tensions were right and the video which they have shows the wrong intention of Tanu and with the help of this video, they can give punishment to her and she will not let anything happen to her kumkum. Abhi asks Robin why the lights are open. They hear Abhi’s voice where they assume that Abhi is going to sleep, Purabh asks Pragya not to let Abhi sleep. Pragya informs him that she is going to call Abhi downstairs and informs them to make the things ready with the arrangements so that they can show that video.

Pragya comes to the room and request Abhi to come downstairs as some foreigner client sent the sample video. Abhi denies and says that he is going off to sleep. Abhi argues and asks for TV. Pragya says she will give you TV remote. However, Pragya convinces Abhi to come downstairs after a small conversation between them. Abhi agrees and asks her to say he is the most important man of her life. Pragya says the same. Abhi tell her to say he is the world’s best singer. Pragya says it. Abhi asks her to say he is the world’s best husband. Pragya asks why would she say that. Abhi says he will change his night dress and come. Purabh, Akash and Ronnie starts all the preparation for showing the video where they start playing the video for testing. Purabh is just willing that Abhi sees this video and knocks out Tanu out of the house. Akash says they will do her packing. Ronnie says they will do her aarti before she leaves, and he will sing a song. Purabh asks him not to be excited and reminds him that he is a ghost. He further informs Ronnie to move out of the house so that Tanu don’t get any chance to transfer her blame on Ronnie. Ronnie says okay, he will go out and see.
Nikhil is in Tanu’s room. Nikhil says he needs time to think of a plan where Tanu is getting furious with Nikhil as Pragya is going to execute her plan and they both will be out of the house. Meanwhile, someone knocks the door and the servant Robin informs Tanu that all have accumulated in living room and there is some video which needs to be played. Tanu gets upset as her truth is going to be disclosed where Nikhil shares an idea through which Pragya cannot do anything to Tanu but she walks out of the room without listening to Nikhil. Everyone has accumulated in the living room where Tanu is scared as her truth is going to be disclosed in front of all. Pragya and Tanu recalls their conversation which they had near the temple as well as with the challenge. Abhi ask Purabh what is so important in that video that is compulsory to see it so late night, without seeing it his future can be ruined. Tanu also agrees with Abhi’s talk and suggests to see the video tomorrow. Pragya interrupts and says to take the decision it is mandatory to see the video now as full night is available to think over it and react on it. Abhi ask Purabh to play the video as he don’t want to get his sleep disturb early in the morning.

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Purabh plays the video where Abhi finds Tanu crying asking for forgiveness and informs Purabh to pause it. Abhi adds up saying that he was informed that there is some foreign country video for which he was called up and this video is about Tanu. Pragya informs that maybe this is another video let’s watch it and encourage Tanu as in her pregnancy, she is working. Abhi ask Tanu why she is frighten in this video before Tanu answers, Daadi interrupts and say they should see this video and check it out who is threatening Tanu. Purabh adds up saying, it seems the video is real where Tanu interrupts and informs that this video is not real and then she adds up saying that this is just a time pass and asks Abhi to go to sleep. Pragya forces her to watch the video where she replies furiously that she cannot force neither her nor Abhi to watch this video. Pragya replies back that is she frighten that her truth will be disclosed and a small conversation about the video was held between both of them. She ends up saying that she is the owner of the house so she has decided everyone should see the video means everyone should see that video. Abhi thinks Pragya is stubborn and informs Purabh to start the video. Daadi wants to know if Tanu was scared or acting. Mitali says she want to watch the suspense. Everyone takes interest to watch the video as where all of sudden power gets cut. Pragya start thinking how this power cut happened all of sudden.

Nikhil removes the fuse due to which power got cut. Pragya comes to know that Nikhil and Tanu has made a plan so this power is off and ask Purabh to check her phone whether it is there or not. Nikhil comes to Tanu and asks her to relax that he will steal the phone. He steals Pragya’s phone from Purabh’s hand and runs away where Purabh and Abhi runs after him. Abhi says he must have gone to the storeroom. Tanu thinks she will be trapped because of Nikhil. Ronnie checks the electricity where he came to know that Nikhil has removed the fuse. Tanu talks with Pragya that what a plan she was trying to execute but before she completes her plan got vanished. Pragya replies that every plan has some back up and the way she is laughing now she might cry later on. Tanu informs that thief that have come up has stolen her plan and made her pack up. Pragya informs that until the curtains are not down the show is not completed and informs that Tanu is surrounded from all the way. Tanu says she know Pragya will not believe her and she is freed from her trap.

Nikhil runs away stealing the phone of Pragya where Abhi and Purabh are chasing the thief, who is Nikhil. Purabh informs Abhi that he is sure that the person have come up to steal the phone only as when he reached near the table somebody pushed him and took away the phone. Abhi informs that this is the same thief who have earlier tried to do robbery. Nikhil hides from Abhi and Purabh who are after him to steal his mobile and thinks of ways to escape from them. Meanwhile, Mitali and her mother-in-law are curious to know the suspense which was there in the video and prays that soon this suspense gets disclosed and are eagerly waiting for the electricity to come on. Tanu is tensed as Abhi and Purabh have still not reached the placed but she is confident that Nikhil is expert in running away so he must have run away from the place. Mitali frightens Tanu where Mitali informs that Tanu was frighten here as well as in video, she suggest her to move out of the house by packing up her bag. She adds up saying that she feels after viewing the starting of the video as if Tanu is going to admit any of her mistake where Tanu get furious on Mitali and replies what sort of mistake she has done that she will admit. Mitali replies that how can she come to know but after watching that video she will come to know about it. Tanu gets furious on Mitali and informs her to go away. Mitali asks her not to short on her that she is the daughter in-law of the house but Tanu is still on waiting list.

On the other hand, Robin takes Daadi safely to the place where Pragya meets Daadi and she shares her worries thinking about her lost mobile and if Abhi would be able to catch hold of the thief or not. Daadi informs that Abhi will definitely able to catch the thief and ask her to be relax. Daadi tries to encourage Pragya and also tries to lighten her mood by cracking jokes that she is after Abhi now. Pragya says she is tensed. Daadi asks her not to be tensed. Tanu overhears some words and ask Daadi why she was informing Pragya not to take tension? Daadi replies that Pragya was telling that her mobile got stolen which was too expensive and she will stop all the facilities which she is providing to all family members so she was trying to console her. She asks Tanu to say the same. Pragya tells Daadi that she don’t want Tanu’s fake sympathy and goes away from the place. Purabh gets an idea where he finds a quilt and as soon as the thief will come out he will put that quilt on his face. At last, Purabh and Abhi catches the thief. Purabh tells Abhi to beat the thief so that he that he don’t tell others that he has managed to steal things from Abhi’s house and Abhi starts beating the thief. Purabh and Abhi takes the thief to the home without seeing his face. On other side, Ronny gets success to find the fuse and on the electricity. Daadi thank God that the light came on.

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Abhi and Purabh brings the thief at home where Tanu gets shocked and is worried as Nikhil is caught. Pragya ask if her stuff is packed and says nobody can stop her secret from exposing and asks Purabh to remove the quilt so that they can see the face of the thief. Purabh removes the quilt and finds Nikhil in that. Everyone is shocked seeing Nikhil where Abhi starts interrogating Nikhil that he came to steal in the house. Pragya asks Tanu that she have sent him to help her and asks if he is her last back up and that her game is ended. Abhi again asks why did he want to steal a mobile phone. Where Nikhil gets furious and informs that he has come up to give a CD to Purabh which he has asked for. Akash stops Nikhil and blames him saying that he has stolen Pragya’s phone as it is still there in his hand and there is come connection between the mystery and Nikhil which Pragya was going to show via video. Abhi ask Akash what sort of mystery he is talking about. Akash informs that the mystery which is there in the mobile and makes Abhi think that if he was not knowing about the mystery why he would have stolen this mobile phone? Nikhil informs that he has come up to give CD to Purabh and he overheard about thief who was running towards the window. He felt he is the thief so he ran after the thief and caught him. He snatched the mobile phone from thief’s hand and again that thief started running. He was about to catch the thief meanwhile Purabh and Abhi caught him thinking he is the thief. Pragya thinks he is lying, she apologise to Nikhil and ask him to give her phone back as she wants to show an important video to everyone. Tanu takes the phone from Nikhil’s hand and replies furiously to Pragya that this mobile belongs to her and a small fight occurs between Tanu and Pragya. Daadi stands up and say to whomsoever this phone belongs now she will not give to anyone. She adds up saying they should see what video Pragya is talking about and because of that there was chaos in the house. Daadi ends up saying there is something in this video so it is mandatory to see. Abhi replies that even his curiosity has increased, first he was feeling sleepy but now until he won’t see this video he will not be able to sleep. Daadi informs Purabh to start the video. Nikhil and Tanu are tensed but once the video starts Pragya sees that it has been replaced to any other video and she feel shocked seeing that video where Tanu is praying to God, and asking him to get her married to Abhi, else she will get mad. Tanu smirks. Along with Pragya, Daadi, Purabh and Akash are also shocked watching the video. Pragya checks her phone and informs that this is not that video and once she check the phone she informs that this phone does not belong to her. Tanu asks her to decide, and says Pragya will get mad. She asks her not to touch her phone again. Abhi apologize to Nikhil for whatever happened. Nikhil says he will take a leave. Abhi says they will watch the video in the morning. Tanu asks Pragya to stop counting her days, else count her days. Pragya wonders how can her phone vanish.

Abhi is worried so he shares his problems with Daadi where he informs that he has become sandwich between Pragya and Tanu. Daadi says he should listen to his heart. He says his is like them, Pragya and Tanu and that he can’t handle them. He hats off to the Rajas and Maharajas to had kept many wives under one palace. Daadi informs Abhi to listen to music and be happy and not to worry as she will find a way to come out from the fight between Pragya and Tanu. Abhi says super idea. Once Abhi leaves, Daadi thinks how can that phone was stole? Pragya is worried as her phone got exchanged. She says that the way she comes near her destination things goes wrong. Purabh also gets furious and informs that if he would be knowing the person to whom they have caught was Nikhil than he would have beaten him too hard over there itself. Akash also get furious that he would have beaten him more. He says further that it was just a plan for them and even shows his worries regarding Pragya.

Nikhil calls Tanu and is cracking out with pain as he is badly beaten by Purabh and Abhi where Tanu gets furious with Nikhil that instead of running away Abhi and Purabh have caught him. Nikhil asks how did that phone change? Tanu informs that she has changed the phone of Pragya with his phone when he had switched off the lights. Nikhil gets happy. They both end the conversation with small fight as Tanu argues with him that she is saved because of herself. Nikhil says they are safe but not for long, they have to be alert from that wounded Pragya.

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