Friday 12th Jan update on love happens episode 163-165

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EPISODE 163-165

Janki and Dadi are shocked when Kishan tells them that Aanya will find it hard to stay in their small house and therefore Raghu should get a new house for her. Kishan also tells Janki that he is willing to pay for the house as dowry. Dadi makes it clear that it has been their tradition as to not accept dowry. But before Dadi can say anything further, GD tells her that if Raghu cannot afford to buy a new house, then he should come and stay with them. Dadi and Janki feel humiliated and tell GD that it is not possible. Aanya is shocked when she overhears this conversation. She intervenes and chides Kishan for insulting Dadi and Janki. Dadi then asserts that if Aanya cannot stay in their house, then she will call off the engagement. GD and Kishan sport a vicious smile as they see their plan working! Dadi and Janki walk away, but Aanya tries her best to pacify them and tells Dadi that she has no problem in staying in their house. Janki tells Aanya that she has no grudge against her, but she will see to it that Raghu earns enough to be on his father’s status.

Janki and Dadi returns home and Raghu eagerly asks them about the party. However, Janki and Dadi cook up a story and tell Raghu that they enjoyed. Meanwhile, Debbie tries to cheer Aanya and assures her that GD and Kishan will never be able to break her alliance. The next day, Aanya tries to convince her father that she will be very happy with Raghu, but Kishan does not understand. On the contrary, he once again insults Janki when she brings the wedding dress for Aanya. Janki walks away with tears in her eyes when Kishan tells her that he will never let Aanya wear such a cheap dress. On seeing Janki upset, Rangeela’s wife, Devki, comforts her. Janki tells Devki that she fears Raghu might take a drastic step if Kishan ever humiliates him. Aanya overhears this and gets shocked.

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Aanya decides to meet Raghu to assure him that she will handle the situation at her place before he takes any drastic step. Meanwhile, Raghu is busy decorating up the room for Aanya, with Bhola and Bhima assisting him. Aanya decides to go to Raghu, but Dadi’s warnings made her mind change. But before she can walk away, Dadi sees her and feels that she has come to see Raghu. However, Janki comes to her aid and tells Dadi that she had called her. With a heavy heart, Aanya walks away. On the other hand, Bhola and Bhima get shocked when Raghu fells down from the ladder and sustains severe injuries on his head. Bhola and Bhima carry an unconscious Raghu to his home. Janki and Dadi are petrified to see the blood oozing out from Raghu’s head. Soon all the villagers gather at Raghu’s place. Dadi asks someone to call the doctor, but gets shocked when she comes to know that the doctor has gone to the neighbouring village. Rangeela then suggests that they should take Raghu to Shyam. Rangeela tells Dadi that although Shyam is not a doctor, he has good knowledge about medicines. Shyam is shocked to see Raghu and expresses his inability to help as he fears that the villagers will kill him if anything goes wrong. However, Janki assures him that no one will blame him. On the other hand, Aanya is taken aback when the postman informs her about the accident. She also rushes to Shyam’s place.

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