Friday 2nd March update on fire and ice episode 26-27

Friday 2nd March update on lies of the heart
Tuesday Feb 20th Update On Fire And Ice Episode 6-8

Leela makes Twinkle ready for engagement, she is mesmerized to see her.She takes Twinkle to engagement function. Manohar ask Leela that we should start engagement ceremony, Kunj ask Twinkle did Yuvi make you wear ring? she says no, he says you are useless, Manohar ask Kunj to make TWinkle wear ring, she sadly looks down, Kunj is sad too, he is about to put ring in her finger but Manohar stops him and says Guruji has given me time, wait for that, they wait for it, Manohar says time has come, its perfect, put ring in her finger, Kunj ask Twinkle’s hand, she sadly gives it, he puts ring in her finger and thinks i never wanted to hurt you, Leela gives ring to Twinkle, she sadly looks at Kunj and puts ring in his finger, Yuvi comes in function and sees all this, he looks at his engagement ring, he throws it away and leaves, Twinkle thinks that i tried alot to get engaged to Yuvi but things couldnt work out, Manohar says lets click some pictures, he says to Kunj that she is your fiance now, you can hold her hand, Kunj holds her hand, Twinkle shed tear, Kunj sadly looks at her and wipes her tears, Leela is happy to see this, she thinks that Twinkle is worried that she will leave this house but another person has come in her life who will wipe her tears always, i pray for their togetherness, Twinkle leaves from there.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle and pins her to wall, she is in tears, Yuvi looks at engagement ring in her finger, he says you have become daring, how dare you wear that Kunjls ring? i will throw it away, he tries to bring it out, she says its hurting me, Yuvi says i cant see that Kunj’s ring in your finger, i can even cut your finger to bring it out, he tries to pul the ring out of finger, Twinkle is wincing in pain and says its hurting me, she says someone is coming, i will bring out this ring from my finger, you leave from here, Yuvi leaves, Kunj comes to Twinkle, he ask where is your always angry young man, where is Yuvi, Twinkle says he left, i am hurting him alot, Kunj says he should understand that you tried your best, Twinkle says why you always try to put him down, he must have felt bad seeing me getting engaged to you, Kunj says this is fake engagement, he knows that, Twinkle says but how can he see someone else’s ring in my finger, Kunj says you seem his lawyer more than gf, you can keep crying as i have not ever see you happy with him, Twinkle says this ring is not getting out of my finger, Kunj says this was your choice, she take out Kunj’s ring from his hand, she says your is getting out but not mine, he puts ring back in his finger, she ask why you are wearing it again? Kunj says because my mom dad will see if i dont wear it and they matter to me most, Alisha doesnt even know that we have engaged, dont know her reaction, Twinkle says Alisha doesnt know anything but ‘Yuvi is hurt as he has seen everything.

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Anita says to Yuvi that you were saying big dialogues that you will spoil Twinkle’s life and all but she did engagement and you couldnt do anything, soon she will marry and you will keep standing like teddy bear, you are a complete failure, Yuvi says give one more chance to me, Anita says why? you promised me to destroy Leela’s life, what you did nothing? Yuvi says i know i messed up, i shouldnt have listened to that Kunj, he asked me to go inside teddy bear and i couldnt come out of it, i will set everything right, Anita pours black polish on Yuvi’s hands, he ask what is this? she says now blacken my face with this, and not only this, take me on road and shout to people that this is my mother, i couldnt fulfill my mother’s promise, all should know that a son failed to fulfill his promise to his mother and that Leela Taneja won over me again, Yuvi says enough, i know i did mistake but because of that Kunj, from the time he has come in my life, everything is going haywire, Yuvi says now i will remove Kunj from my way first then i wil destroy Twinkle’s life, i wil take ravenge for you and this is my promise to you.

Twinkle is trying to jump from window, Kunj is leaving in car from house and finds her trying to go down from window through rope, Twinkle slips from rope and is about to fall down but Kunj holds her in arms, she is surprised to see him, Sajna ve plays, they share eyelock, Twinkle says why you are here? i always jump from window but i fell from window as you came here, why you are touching me? Kunj says you should thank me, i dont like to touch you, he puts her down, she ask what are you doing here? he says i am going to meet Alisha, Twinkle says because of you i couldnt get engaged to Yuvi, Kunj says i brought this Yuvi in teddy for you and other people have problems too, Alisha have got to know about our engagement, Twinkle says i also wanna go to Yuvi, she leaves, Kunj thinks why gilrs fall in love of wrong guys.
Kunj comes to Alisha’s house, she smirks and thinks that i knew you must come here, Kunj says i am sorry, you dont need to leave this city, she says i am not leaving city and why should i? Kunj says i got engaged to Twinkle because of family pressure, it is fake engagement, she says i am okay with it, Kunj says i cant leave my family, Alisha says i know you love me and i love you too but you cant leave your family so there cant be anything between us, bye Kunj, Kunj leaves, Alisha says i dont need your joint family but your money only.
Yuvi calls Kunj and ask him to come to sunset point, Kunj ask why should i? Yuvi says if you dont come then i wil come to your house and you will be responsible for drama, Kunj says okay i am coming.
Twinkle calls Yuvi’s friend and ask about Yuvi, he says Yuvi has called us all at sunset point, she ends call and says Alisha’s flat is near sunset point too and Kunj has gone there, if Yuvi has some plan up sleeves? he can do mistake again, i should go there and check.

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