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Friday 2nd March update on fire and ice episode 26-27

At Ishaan’s residence
Samrat patiently waits for tani to go to sleep, but she complains of a stomach ache, and keeps her awake all night. Shashi too impatiently waits in her room, to wait They are determined to run away soon. then samrat signals, to shashi, when she comes to ask when are they leaving, and asks her to go away for sometime. but when tani keeps him awake all night, he is thoroughly frustrated.

The next morning, while sandhya is super happy at winning the competition, ishaan is busy arranging for the party. urmi serves everyone coffee. anirudh finds damini tensed and asks whats the matter. She says that she is worried for tani. Just then, tani comes down screaming as to why anirudh blocked all her credit cards and cheque books, so that she cant withdraw a single penny. Anirudh tells her the reason. ishaan and urmi also question tani, if they or she even knows the theme of this restaurant, that samrat is building. Tani stands up for samrat saying tht they always target him. But urmi says that samrat lied and asks samrat if she should tell them. He starts to fumble. Shashi helps him out by intentionally spilling hot tea on tani, and asking samrat to take her for a chasnge. She complies. Urmi is amused at shashi and samrat’s plight. Anirudh asks urmi where he actually spent the money, and urmi says that they shouldnt ponder over the past but see that tani isnt this reckless again.

Later, samrat, tensed that their running away plan failed last night, rushes to urmi, to talk to him. She ignores him. He says that he is talking about what he did. she asks why does he think that she would care a damn for him. He asks her to understand how tani would kill him. she is amused and says that he deserves so. He comes to her side, and then tries and coaxes her to keep her mouth shut. She asks him to behave till he stays in the house then. he is super tensed.

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In the evening party, Sandhya tells everyone of her win, and how the party is in her honour. She says that this one competition changed her life, and that she is full of positive energy now. She thanks and gives urmi credit for the same now. All appreciate and applaud urmi. She then calls damini, and says that today is a nice chance. She gets overwhelmed and starts speaking, as to how her journey in accepting urmi as a bahu has been, and how she finally realised that Ishaan got the best life partner in her. urmi is overwhelmed to hear this, and goes on and hugs her. Suddenly lights go off, and then the presentation prepared by ishaan starts, giving a detailed praisal of urmi, by ishaan. He thanks her from the bottom of his heart and then continues to say that he promises that he shall be the best father of the world, and that he would be with their child, through everything with her. All are amused. Urmi’s eyes well up with tears. He promises that he shall give her all the happiness in the world and shall always be there for her. Urmi hugs him. they all congratulate and compliment their love. Meanwhile, Samrat and shashi stealthily try to sneak outside the house, whn they are surprised to see urmi standing in front of them blocking their way


Samrat and Sashi try to leave but Urmi stops them. Urmi tells Samrat to bring Ishaan juice to his room. Tani gets offended and protests, but Samrat agrees.

Damini tries to solve the problem with Tani but Tani refuses to listen.

Urmi is getting a gift from the jeweler and tells him she wants a ring just like Tani’s. The jeweler takes the ring for a look and tells everyone that the ring is fake.

Samrat accuses his mother of stealing the ring. Sashi feels bad.

Later Urmi tells Samrat that he didn’t even spare his own mother.

Later, Samrat tells Tani that his mother has always been a thief and that he is ashamed.
Tani tells her father to book a ticket for Sashi to go back to Jhansi.

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Urmi makes a deal of her car and Samrat is shocked to see the car dealer who robs cars. He runs out thinking he will steal a car. The dealer tells everyone that Samrat tried selling Tani’s car but backed off at the last moment. Tani gets angry at Samrat but he fibs that he wanted to buy her a new car as a surprise but bacled off due to her emotional attachment.

Towards the end, Samrat decides to do something big to gain Tani’s trust.

Shashi is tensed, as she eyes tani coming in. She vehemently protests that she didnt steal, and tani says that she knows she didnt, but always compulsively feels so. She talks about her stealing habit, and is adamant that she shall have to leave for jhansi tomorrow. shashi is speechless while desperately trying to think a way out. later, shashi calls up diwaker and kanchan but their nuos dont get through and then calls kanchan’s mother, and gets to know that they have left for america a month back, and wont be at home, for the next four months minimum. shashi is super tensed what to do now. Shashi thinks that she would have to somehoe adjust here.

Meanwhile, samrat goes to urmi in the kitchen, and plays humble, asking her to let it all go. Just like he played her with the shaurya cancer drama, she asks him to meet her, at 12 on the roof. He is stunned but complies nevertheless. urmi is amused.

Samrat comes up somehow at the roof, and finds urmi waiting there, in a similar manner, that he had set for her. Samrat desperately tries to hide his frustration and then adds that they should let bygones be bygones. umi reminds him of what he did, and then playing a similar analogy. She taunts him, as she throws gajra at him. He says that she has to promise to forgive him. she says that it depends. He asks on what. she says the sooner he starts, the sooner he has a chance at being forgiven. she plays the samed song, and he says that he shant dance on girly songs. She asks him that he needs forgiveness and a choice too, and asks if he isnt demanding too much. he silently takes the insult, as she reminds him of what he had done, and asks him to get to it, as she doesnt have all night. she warns him that he shall have to dance. He then turns to plead. She mocks that he wouldnt be able to dance, being a boy but feels like she has a solution too. She thrtows a saree at him. He is mortified. She says that now he would get the feel of a girl, and asks him to tie the saree. he breaks in, saying that he wont. She gets and says that he wont get forgiveness either. he immediately asks her to sit down, while he dances. She mocks and insults him to the core. She asks him to pick the saree and begin. he complies, and then she insults him asking him to properly dance, and get lost otherwise. he complies and says that he would. While he dances, she switchess of the lights and he is drawn to limelight. she asks him to continue. He complies. meanwhile, tani is awake and tensed to see that samrat isnt in the room. She goes till the rood. Tani is shocked as she finds samrat in such an attire, dancing to lewd songs. She wonders why ios he doing that, and then goes off to switch the music system, which makes samrat turn back. Tani is shocked to see him dressed like this, whle he too is shocked to see arushi.

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