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Friday On Twist Of Fate

Pragya is standing in Abhi’s room and she watches him sleeping peacefully and enjoys the smile on his face. She decides not to trouble him anymore and thinks that she would reveal the whole truth within a day. Meanwhile, Tanu enters the room with flowers and thinks that Abhi would forgive her on seeing the flowers. Soon Pragya comes forward and asks her as to why she is coming inside despite of fighting with Abhi the previous day and asks her not to disturb Abhi. Tanu insults her and says thorns are in her destiny. She stands beside his bed side. Pragya asks her to sit. Tanu gives her the bouquet and sits near Abhi. The two of them wait for Abhi to wake up. Abhi wakes up and sees Pragya holding bouquet and asks what she is doing with bouquet? Tanu says she brought it for him. Tanu decides to spend time with Abhi and tells him she has planned a romantic dinner for them. Abhi agrees and says all the arrangements should be perfect. Tanu says of course. Pragya asks her not to be happy and says she have to come to her for money. Tanu says she doesn’t need her money. Daadi speaks to Sarla that she doesn’t have any option than to take Pragya’s help and apologizes to her for making her hate Pragya and forcing her to act that way. Sarla thanks Daadi for supporting Pragya and giving her all the love. Janki comes there and says she heard everything. Sarla asks her not to make noise. Janki says she would have cursed her and gets angry at Sarla for not informing her. Sarla says she came to know yesterday. Janki says she will leave from here and then she will value her. Sarla asks her to take her stuff and go. Janki says she will get all her money and will leave.

Mitali meanwhile continue to face Raj’s anger towards her as she tries to talks to him, but he ignores her. She asks him to talk to her else she will die. Raj says he is already dead and asks her not to be friendly with him and that she will not get wifey rights now. Mitali is left begging him for forgiveness and says she have changed a lot. She sits down and touches his feet. Rachna comes and requests Raj to forgive Mitali once. Raj says he has forgiven her many times, but her habits never changes. Rachna insists. Raj asks if she will forgive Akash again if he does any mistake. Rachna is silent. Raj leaves. Mitali cries. Rachna console her not to worry and says Raj will forgive her. Mitali asks what would she do.

Later, Pragya, Daadi and Purabh arrive at Sarla’s house in order to plan a way to expose Tanu and Sarla too join the team with them. Pragya says she don’t think Tanu will come. Daadi says she is very cunning. Sarla says she wants the truth to come out soon. Pragya seeks her blessings. Purabh tells Pragya that he will go there as a blackmailer. Before Pragya could say anything to stop him, Purabh says hw don’t want to take the risk with her life as her boyfriend might be dangerous. She can also come with goons. Pragya insists that she have to go and she can’t take risk. She adds that Bulbul have given her life to save her, and says she can take a small risk. Daadi says Purabh is right. She adds that Pragya will be the blackmailer and Purabh will go with her. She makes a plan. Pragya says she will take Ronnie’s help.

Abhi thinks about Pragya. Mitali thinks she will instigate Abhi against Pragya. She comes to Abhi and asks what is the matter? She asks if he is still upset with Raj? Abhi says no. Mitali asks what is the problem then? Abhi says he is feeling something is amiss and strange. Mitali says he is missing a life partner in his life and gives Raj’s example. She asks him to marry Tanu and praises her. Abhi says he will marry Tanu as she is going to be his baby’s mother. Rachna hears them. Mitali says this is right time for marriage and says Pragya will not return his money and she heard her talking to someone. Abhi says he doesn’t have money. Mitali asks him to marry in court and says she has a lawyer friend who will not take fees. Rachna wonder why Mitali is doing this. Mitali says Daadi will be happy as well. Abhi says this idea is good and asks her to talk to her friend. Mitali says she will talk to her friend. Abhi thinks it is right and he will marry soon.

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Purabh brings Pragya and Ronnie to the stadium, and makes a plan. He asks her to call them if she senses any danger. Pragya tells him that he have chosen a good place. Purabh says they will record everything in camera and will show it to Abhi. Pragya asks Ronnie not to tell anything to anyone. Ronnie says she is his namesake sister, and he will not break her trust. Rachna thinks Mitali is taking revenge from Pragya and that’s why she is forcing Abhi to marry Tanu. She says Abhi went to talk to the lawyer. Ronnie sets the camera. Pragya gets Rachna’s call. Rachna tells her that Mitali is walking on the wrong way and convinced Abhi to marry Tanu and that she took Abhi to court to get his marriage done. Pragya is shocked.

Rachna informs Pragya that Mitali took Abhi to court for his marriage with Tanu. Pragya is shocked. Purabh asks Pragya as to why is she so worried. Pragya informs him that Abhi is going to the court in order to talk about his wedding with Tanu. On the other hand, the lawyer informs Abhi that he would finish his work within one hour and asks Abhi to come for a dinner to his house as his family are his fan. Abhi agrees and says he wants to marry within a week. Mitali who takes Abhi to the court suggests him to marry Tanu today itself. Abhi is surprised and says he is thinking about his Daadi. Mitali convinces him to marry Tanu and that Daadi will be happy as she also want to get rid of Pragya. On Mitali’s advice, Abhi agrees and gets ready to get ready to married to Tanu immediately and that too without telling his Daadi. He calls up Tanu and asks her to meet him somewhere for the biggest surprise of her life. Tanu wonders what is the big surprise. Ronnie asks Pragya what if Abhi marries Tanu today, as the court is open. Pragya begins to panic as she finds out that Abhi’s is planning for a court marriage and tells Ronnie that she have an idea. She again poses as the blackmailer and calls up Tanu and asks her to immediately reach somewhere with the money else the deal will be delivered to Abhi. Tanu gets tensed while Pragya is hopeful that this will avoid the court marriage.

Abhi tells Mitali that Tanu is ready and will come. Mitali goes to talk to lawyer. Tanu wonders what to do now as she is confused whom to meet, Abhi or the watchman. Pragya asks Purabh to set and fixed the cameras fast as Tanu will reach the venue with the money. Tanu thinks what to do? She thinks she would go to Abhi and calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks her to talk sweetly. Tanu tells him that she got the blackmailer’s call and he asked her to come to some place after 2 hours. Nikhil says she can’t handle a blackmailer. Tanu says she has to meet Abhi now and asks to go to meet the blackmailer. Nikhil says he want to meet her and discuss this and asks her to meet him first. Tanu agrees to meet him and asks him to bring 10 Lakhs rupees there. Nikhil thinks he feels love on Tanu’s innocence and sometimes wonder if she really has brain. He thinks he can’t let go of the money easily. Mitali tells Abhi to call Tanu. Abhi calls Tanu and asks where she is? Tanu says she is on the way. Abhi asks her not to be late as he is going to give her a big surprise. He tells Mitali that Tanu will reach in 30-40 minutes. He hopes he is doing right.

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Pragya reavhes home and asks Robin about Abhi and Tanu. She thinks where did Tanu go? To meet her boyfriend or Abhi. Daadi sees her there, and thinks what she is doing here till now. She asks Pragya. Pragya informs her about Abhi’s hasty decision that that she got Rachna’s call and that Mitali provoked him to marry Tanu and he went to court to marry her. Daadi is shocked and says she will call him. Pragya asks him to put the call on loudspeaker. Abhi picks the call and thinks he will tell everything to Daadi. Abhi tells her that he has taken a decision and will marry Tanu in court. He says Tanu is on the way and he is standing outside the court. Daadi asks if Tanu knows about it all. Abhi says he will give her a surprise as the marriage is simple. He asks if he is doing right? Daadi says yes, he is doing right and that she will reach there and to inform her when Tanu arrives at the court marriage. Tanu meets Nikhil and asks if he didn’t arranged the money. Nikhil says he have arranged the money and he kept the money in the event room. Sarla sees Tanu going with a man, and decides to find out about the person.

Dadi assures Pragya that Tanu will not marry Abhi as she knows he is not yet divorced with her Pragya. Pragya says once he knows about it, he will not waste time and will take divorce with her. She cries. Daadi says God wants to see if she has strength of her kumkum. Tanu tells Nikhil that she will meet Abhi and come back. Nikhil says she don’t know anything and says what if blackmailer sees him then he will be clear. Daadi asks her to call Tanu and give her less time to reach to the place, so that she doesn’t get time to reach Abhi. Nikhil says if their truth comes out then he will tell that she is having his baby and they are having an affair. Pragya calls up Tanu. Tanu says she is leaving. Pragya says she had 30 minutes left before and asks her to meet soon. Daadi asks Pragya to go to Sarla’s house and changes her get up. Nikhil says this blackmailer seems to be professional. He asks Tanu to go and meet the blackmailer first with the paper loaded bag and that he will arrive there with his goons and will kill the blackmailer there itself. Sarla hears them and thinks they are dangerous. She thinks she has to stop Pragya from going there and thinks of hearing Nikhil’s voice before.

Sarla comes home and tells Daadi whatever she has heard and that she won’t let her go. She tells her everything. Pragya tells her mother that she have to go and she can’t let go of this chance. Abhi went to marry Tanu, and she can’t see him married to someone else. Sarla says even she see, as she is doing this for Abhi and he life. She lost Bulbul and can’t lose her. Pragya says she is going for a good cause and God will not let anything wrong happen to her. She can’t back off. Purabh asks her not to take any tension. Daadi says how to stop Pragya. Janki says God has given long life to Pragya and nobody can do anything wrong to her. She adds that Pragya will win. Pragya hugs her mother.

Meanwhile, Abhi, who is waiting for Tanu at the court, is panicking, because Tanu is not there yet and he can’t get over the fact that he is still in love with Pragya. He informs Mitali that he is not willing to call Tanu anymore and that Tanu is taking revenge on him as he couldn’t give her time, and that’s why she haven’t come here. He says Tanu chose wrong time for revenge and asks her to do if she wants to. Mitali thinks that Tanu is spoiling her life by not answering Abhi’s call and also worried about Abhi getting mad at Tanu for not showing up for the wedding. On the other hand, Pragya dresses up as watchman and Purabh are on the way to the warehouse and come across Abhi’s car near the traffic signal. Purabh sees Abhi in his car and hides in the car. Pragya also hides when she sees Abhi and Mitali in their car, but Purabh asks Pragya as to why is she hiding, when she is in disguise of the watchman and asks her not to hide. Pragya thinks Abhi will get to know about her truth. Abhi looks at the watchman and recognizes Pragya’s eyes and wonders why his eyes are looking like that of Pragya. He misses her…..and recalls her in flashback of the romance and tenderness in their marriage occur to both Pragya and him. Hamari Adhuri song plays in the background. Abhi takes the marriage that could not happen as an unexplainable sign from God and asks God, why he couldn’t marry Tanu. Pragya meanwhile is thankful that Abhi did not marry Tanu in court and says if he have married Tanu today then everything was finished and that God wants them to be together. She thinks she will give immense love to him once they start their life. The duo are thinking about each other and old memories. Abhi thinks he can’t start a new life with old memories.

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Janki tells Daadi that Sarla will take tension until Pragya returns home. Daadi explains to Sarla that Pragya will come as a winner. Sarla has a guilt trip about Pragya and says it is okay, but just now she lost Bulbul and now that Pragya is back in her life, she don’t wants to lose her. She heard that man conspiring against Pragya and her heart is shaking much and she can’t let anything goes wrong. Janki asks her to trust on God and says she told God that she have no one except Him and Pragya, and prayed for her safety. Daadi console Sarla that nothing will happen and that their family is one, and she have sons like Abhi and Purabh. Sarla says Abhi and Purabh are her son in laws, but they are more than sons. Daadi says happiness will return and asks her not to worry. Sarla wishes that the two would unite forever, so does Daadi.

Pragya and Purabh reaches the warehouse where they plan to bring out Tanu’s reality. Purab calls Ronnie. Ronnie comes to the place looking at Pragya in disguise of a watchman and doesn’t recognize Pragya’s disguise in the secret location and asks where Pragya is in which she replied him that she is here. Ronnie says he couldn’t recognize her. Pragya asks him to go home and she can’t keep his life in danger. Ronnie says he regard her as his sister and will support her. Purabh says okay, and but his life will be in danger. Ronnie says he can do anything. Purabh gives Ronnie a secret errand, he leaves right away.

Abhi comes home, storms into the house, furious with Tanu and calls her. Abhi wonders why his own people always deceive him and is upset with Tanu. Rachna says she have seen her going sometime back. Daasi and Pammi say the same. Daadi comes and asks what happened? Abhi says only his loves ones betray him. He admits it took him forever to want to marry her and in anger, he says he won’t ever marry Tanu. She don’t care for him and he will not marry her. His family tries to console him, Daasi says she might be stuck in some problem. Daadi too says they will think of something. She asks him to sit and talk. Abhi doesn’t agree and say he will not marry as she doesn’t ever care about him. Mitali asks Rachna about Raj. Rachna says she saw him go out with Akash and asks not to disturb him. Mitali gets suspicious and thinks what happened to her.

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