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Akshit says to avni that he knew Arpita is going to comes, and the journalists would have asked her the same, so he said this. Avni tells him Arpita listened it all and was more hurt. Akshit says that anything that happened was for a good. Avni asks doesn’t he want it all to get well. Akshit says that he cant do anything alone about it, dad didn’t accept her and Arpita left. He cant help it, he is also hurt as he knows she must have cried. Avni asks him if he disliked, why didn’t he do anything. Akshit says that their love is weak, and they will have to bear the punishment of loving each other for a lifetime.

Arpita tells everyone that she will leave India now. She says she cant cause any further pain to her parents and Akshit. She says she always will miss Akshit, she says she cant see him lost. Her dad rejects, she asks him to let her go. Her dad says you may go for sometime, but she says she has to go forever.Her dad agrees. Raj thinks she must be stopped. At night, avni is in the launge crying. The bell rings, Bauji is there. He says he returned as soon as she called and asks her what happened.
In the morning, Bhawna comes downstairs and asks when did Bauji come? He says he came last night but it seems he should not have gone. He sends Avni to bring Akshit here. He asks Bhawna how did it happen, she is also a daughter in law at the house. Pratab comes there and says that Bhawna supported Arpita and was even ready to leave.

Bauji says that this should not have happened. He says that the daughter in law keeps the family together, and it is a bad sign that the peace of house is disturbed. Avni comes disturbed saying Akshit is nowhere at home. Bhawna gets worried, Pratab calls the office, he is also not there. Avni gets a message, it says meet me outside. Raj asks where is Akshit? She says he has gone somewhere. He asks what does he mean? She says he is nowhere at home, Raj says we have to find him as Arpita is leaving for US, and only Akhsit can stop her. Avni says that she cant leave, Raj says that Akshit will have to confess his love for her. Raj says he has a believe that their love wont get defeated. They both hold hands for love.

Avni runs inside the house to tell everyone that Arpita is leaving for US. She sees Arpita inside, she smiles. Arpita touches Bauji’s feet and says she wanted to take her blessings before leaving. Bauji asks her to rethink, she says one only learn from her mistake. She says that she stayed in the house for a few months only, will take the blessings of them from here. She bends to touch Suket’s feet, he backs up but she still touches them. She bends in front of Bhawna; she holds her hand from keeping on her head. Arpita comes back to her. She says that she doesn’t want to put a shadow of her relation on this family; she is ending this relation on these papers. She gives them to Bhawna saying she has signed them. Avni stops her and begs her not to go but she leaves. The papers fall from Bhawna’s hands.

Avni runs inside the house to tell everyone that Arpita is leaving for US. She sees Arpita inside, she smiles. Arpita touches Bauji’s feet and says she wanted to take her blessings before leaving. Bauji asks her to rethink, she says one only learn from her mistake. She says that she stayed in the house for a few months only, will take the blessings of them from here. She bends to touch Suket’s feet, he backs up but she still touches them. She bends in front of Bhawna; she holds her hand from keeping on her head. Arpita comes back to her. She says that she doesn’t want to put a shadow of her relation on this family; she is ending this relation on these papers. She gives them to Bhawna saying she has signed them. Avni stops her and begs her not to go but she leaves. The papers fall from Bhawna’s hands.

Arpita leaves the home, as Avni comes out with her asking her to leave. Arpita says that if it was so, he must have been here. Arpita gets a call, Avni says it must be Akshit. She takes the call and says that papa I know that the flight is at 7, she is just coming. Arpita hugs her while Avni keeps on crying not to go. Bhawna comes out running, Avni asks her to do something. Avni calls Raj and tells him her flight is today, we must find him. Raj tells her that he looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. Avni tells him he was depressed and he think whatever is happening is for the benefit of both. She asks where one can go at such a time. Raj says I know.
Raj finds Akshit and says that he knew he must be here, if not with Arpita then with her memories. Avni says to Bhawna that Akshit loves you and dad so much that he left his love, but why cant you people do anything for his love. she tells her that Akshit said to Arpita to leave home but he is crying from inside. she begs her mom and Sanvri to not snatch his happiness. Sanvri asks that she left by her own choice, does she want them to go and take her feet to come back. Avni asks that she wants to know what the reason of their leaving was.

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Arpita looks at a photo of her wedding, and packs the bag.
Raj tells Akshit that Arpita is leaving because she loves you, but the one she loves doesn’t care for her. She thinks like this, and you made her think this way. He says that love has the power to keep each other together. And if they both live together, Suket will also have to accept their love. And if Arpita leaves, then you will always keep on missing her, regretting why I didn’t stop her; because Arpita is going but her love will always stay in your heart.

Arpita removes the sindoor from her hair. She cries as she recalls her wedding. Akshit comes in the mirror and tells her that she wont go anywhere. She turns around to see, no one was there. She takes her bag.

Sanvri tells Avni to stop and not argue her mom at least. She says that Avni knows Bhawna tried everything even opposed Suket, but Arpita didn’t stop. She had to go, because she had to disrespect them. And now she has left the divorce. Sanvri says that uptill now all decisions were their’s but now they will take a decision and find another girl for Akshit.

Raj says that there is no punishment of love, you have to live with each other. He says that he wont find a girl like Arpita again and so is with her. When all are so perfect for each other, then why are all poles apart. He says that either you can let what’s happening and keep regretting for a lifetime; or stop her and tell her the truth, stay happy with her for a lifetime. Akshit looks at Raj, he joins his hands. Akshit leaves, Raj smiles.

Arpita comes to the airport.
Avni says that you people are against love as if it is a crime. She asks Bhawna doesn’t she love Suket. She asks that if love is such a wrong deed why does he love. Bhawna asks her to stop. She says today she will have to answer her questions, they took the responsibility of Arpita from her parents. Avni says that they cant punish them for a life time. Your fault is getting larger than theirs. Avni recalls Bhawna all what Arpita did here. She says it is the test of our family, that how much we respect relations. She says that right now she is just saying what she has learned. Every mother is the same when it comes to children; today she wants to see what her mother does today for her family. She says that if she can’t prevent it happening to the daughter in law of the family, she wishes the same happen to the daughter as well. Bhawna holds hand to hit avni, she says she got all her answers. Forgiving is the greatest, and you took the right decision. She saw her mother today. Sanvri is worried at this all.
Akshit, Bhawna Avni and Raj goes in the car. They try to call Arpita, or her parents but cant get them . Bhawna tells Raj that they must reach before time.

Arpita says good bye to her parents and leave. The car stops in halfway, Akshit says he forgot to get it fueled in hurry. They look for taxi, while Arpita goes inside. Akshit says it is 6.30, we might not get there. Avni is hopeful we will get there. raj also says that they must try. Pratab and Bauji comes, Pratab says they must go through their car. Bauji says that they must go, and bring his daughter in law must. Akshit is in a hurry, Arpita goes to board. Akshit comes running. They all meet Arpita’s parents, her mom tells them Arpita went inside and it has been a long time. Akshit says she cant leave. There is an announcement for the departure of flight to New York. Avni asks Raj what he will do now. Raj looks at the purse of a lady, snatches it and runs. The lady calls from behind and the police runs after him. He runs and Avni goes behind him. Avni comes and says into calls into the mike system for Arpita to stop and not go now. The police catches Raj, he apologizes and gives the lady’d bag to her apologizing. Avni says that Akhit and maa are here. Akshit says into the mike that Arpita I am sorry, please don’t go. I was afraid and I didn’t want you to suffer because of me, but you know I love you. Please give me one more chance, I can’t live without you. I couldn’t be a good husband, I couldn’t fulfill any of my promise but I want to fulfil them now. I need you for that, please don’t go Arpita. Arpita gets her boarding done. Avni says that she wont ever believe in love if she doesn’t stop. The receptionist there tells her that the flight she is talking about has already left. Akshit is broken; he thinks Arpita can’t go leaving her. Avni looks at Raj, who goes dis-hearted.

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Akshit recalls his moments with Arpita. Avni joins her. He sees Arpita coming from the front. He hugs her hard. They are all happy to see this. Arpita hugs Bhawna and Avni too. Bhawna says sorry to her. Arpita says that you must not say this. Avni thinks now the love will never die. She thinks about Raj and runs to get him outside. She finds him and says I love you so much Raj. They recalls how they met and all the they spent together. It starts raining. Both hug for a long time.

It rains heavily. Avni says that love is a magical relationship Raj. He says I don’t want to say anything today, just listen the three magical words. Avni says I love you. He asks her to repeat, she does. He says I waited to hear this so long, when I first saw you, when I fall in love with you and when I finally confessed my love. He asks her to say it again, she repeats after him. They hugs each other.

Bhawna asks Avni how she got wet. Avni says she went to call Raj. Raj hugs Akshit, he thanks her saying he must have lost her without her. Arpita says Avni stopped me after saying what she did in mike. Bhawna says that it was Avni who brought me here. Akshit says it is a great feeling being together after setting apart. Raj says it is the feeling of love. Bhawna says to Arpita that she was also hurt same as she was. Only I know what I went through, when you both left. Arpita’s dad asked that the things are still the same, Suket didn’t accept her. Bhawna says that Akshit and Arpita will stay somewhere at Jaipur and she will have to think about something to make up Suket’s mood. Raj says he will arrange for where they will live.

They set to leave, Raj and Avni turns around again and again to see each other. They both each other calling, look back and runs towards one another. Avni asks why did you call me, Raj says you did. Raj teases that she isn’t letting her go. Bhawna calls her, Raj holds her. She tells to say this to mom, and runs. Raj opens the door of the car and asks Bhawna that this day is special and I want your blessings today. Bhawna keeps hand on his head, he whispers to Avni that he got blessings not the beating.
Bauji and Pratab said they will eat much today. Bhawna says this has all been possible because of his blessings and Avni. Pratab says that like mother and like daughter. Avni says she wants to be a shadow of her. Pratab asks what the next plan is. Suket comes there, Bhawna points him to be quiet. He comes to the table and asks Bhawna where you and Avni were. Bhawna says they had gone to market, why? He says he thought you people must have gone to Akshit.

He says that Arpita was set to go, so there must be tension. Bhawna says that why tensed, whoever had to do they did. He asks her where is Akshit and has Arpita left. Bhawna says that they are grown up now, why should they worry. Bauji also says that he must not think about them and eat. Suket cant eat and leaves. Bhawna says that these questions will keep on coming in his mind, and one day he will ask himself where Akshit and Arpita are. And one day he will bring them home by himself, Avni thinks and love also.

Raj calls Avni. They both are reluctant to talk and ask what each ate. Raj laughs saying they are talking about such silly things. Avni asks is love always the same. Raj says it is my first time as well. He says he wants to ask her that will she go on a date with him. He says you can take time but do reply me. She is worried listening to this, and asks how?

Devika hugs Avni and says she is so happy for her. Avni says she is feeling awkward, going on a date. Devika says that dating means go with him, take a lunch somewhere and say each other’s heart. Avni says that she wish someone else had to take the decision for her, as it would be wrong to take the decision without telling anyone. Devika takes her to the temple and asks her to leave everything on God.
They come to Bhawna, Avni asks her to chose a chit. Bhawna says Yes, whatever you asked him. She hugs her saying you got yes from God. Bhawna says she know she must have thought good. She calls Raj, Raj says 7 at night, he has booked a table. Avni asks how did he know she will come. He says he believe in love’s power. Jiji asks Raj, power of love. Raj says he was sure she will say yes, he even reserved the table by the name of Avni Khandelwal.
They both chose the dresses, Jija helps Raj while Devika helps Avni chose the clothes.

Bhawna calls Akshit and asks how he and Arpita is. She says she just want that he be happy always. Suket comes to the lawn and thinks her face is telling that she was talking to Akshit or Arpita. Bhawna comes and gives Suket his tea. She leaves to get biscuits. Suket calls back on the number. Pratab takes the call and asks if she wants something else from the market. Suket says he dialed the number by mistake. Pratab tells Akshit and Arpita that Suket has started spying; he must be eager to know how you people are but as Bhawna said it is his own way, and must be difficult for him to find the right way.

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The owner of Rivolia restaurant comes to meet Suket in the office. He tells him that his tips helped him run his restaurant well. Suket asks is he keeping the records, he shows him his mobile.

Suket sees the booking with A. Khandelwal. Suket thinks it can’t be Avni or Abhaas. Maybe it was Akshit as he is sure he and Arpita are in Jaipur somewhere.
Avni tells Devika to let her hair lose, as Raj likes them this way. Raj comes prepared, Jiji and Jija appreciate him. they ask if he is going empty handed, he shows them the gift he bought. Avni comes to the temple and asks for the blessings. Bauji looks at her, appreciates her and asks is she going somewhere. Before she can answer, Suket comes and says that they are going on dinner. His client opened a new restaurant and invited them. Bauji says he is going to sleep, they must go. Bhawna goes to tell Sanvri wondering how he decided to go out. Suket thinks that they must all know that he know Akshit and Arpita are here. He sees Avni and asks she is already ready, was she going out anywhere? She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family. Suket says that he know its her favorite color, and he is happy his and his daughter’s choice matches so well. He says he will take her out. She thinks that he loves her so much, still she had to lie to him; she will call Raj and tell him not to come to the restaurant.

Jiji and jija says to Akshit and Arpita why are they staying at the hotel when their home is available. Raj also convinces them to stay here with his family and gets them to the room. Akshit tells him to go now, he asks what? Akshit says that you must have to go as you are dressed up. Akshit goes to get a suit case left downstairs. Arpita teases Raj that he is wearing the favorite color of Avni, and her gifted watch. He gets a text message, she sees Avni’s screen saver and asks he told her that he will set this screen saver only when Avni will say I love you to her. She asks did she say. He tells her that she said this at the airport; and today is our first date. Arpita is excited, and asks about further details. Raj gets Avni’s text and says that the date has been cancelled because Suket is also going to the same restaurant with the family. Raj says that he wont let their first date ruined and they will go there anyway.
Suket, Bhawna and Sanvri comes to the restaurant. He asks the owner is there any reservations as A Khandelwal. He shows him the table. Avni asks the waiter the same question and imagines Raj holding her hand there. Sanvri asks what she is doing there; she comes and sits there but still imagine herself and Raj there on the table. She sees Raj coming, and thinks that she must stop thinking about Raj or she will see him everywhere. Raj comes and greets them. Avni asks what are you doing here, he says they thought of having an outing. Jiji and jija comes there.

Raj and Avni sit separately with the families. Raj texts her to smile, she says that their first date got cancelled. She goes to washroom, Raj also leaves. He meets him in the corridor; she pinches him to make sure he is really there. He says he promised her that they will have a date together, and asks her to go along him. He takes her to a table decorated with roses, and offers her a chair. The waiter brings food and serves it. Avni thinks he has ordered all her favorite dishes. Raj says that you lose hair looks great. She says that you look smart in this shirt. He asks how your eyes have a new spark. She asks how his face has a different glow ? they say this is love. Raj gives her a red rose.

Avni says that our dress color also matches. She says I didn’t know about it, but you must have; as you always know. They eat together. Avni recalls that everyone must be waiting for her, she must go. He holds her by hand and pulls her closer. He says that this could be our perfect date; she says that you are perfect.

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