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Love oh Love
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Tuesday On Love Oh Love

Raj tells Avni that they are going to Delhi, he will get a job there and will get her admission in a college as well. Avni tells him to stop the car, and listen to her. Savri comes downstairs and tells Akshat that Avni’s clothes are missing from the wardrobe. After Savri Bua checks the entire house and does not find Avni anywhere she concludes that Avni has left the house and ran away with Raj. She calls Suket and Bhavna. They come downstairs, Savri says Avni has run away from the house; Akshat completes that she ran with Raj. The whole family gets shocked hearing this and they immediately rush to Jashn’s house. Avni comes out of the car, Raj asks if she is not sure he will take care of her. She touches her ears and apologize to Raj for suffering such an insult for her. Raj tells her never to say sorry to him, she should just give him a hug and listen to his heart-beat. He kisses her forehead. She asks if he is sure they are right, and tells him that her family love him and will accept them soon.

Madhuri and Jashan open the knocking door, Avni’s family come inside and asks where is Raj and where has he taken Avni? Avni’s family accuse Jashan and Madhuri to be responsible for letting Raj run away with Avni. Savri Bua brings the police along with them and tells them to arrest them both. Jashan tells them that they can’t arrest them, neither look in the house without warrant. They tell the police to note the number of Raj’s car and look for the car and the police decide to block all the exits of the city. Abhay comes there and hears this all and when Abhay finds out this he immediately calls Raj and Avni and tells them everything that all the city’s exits are blocked. Avni asks now. He says that they will send Raj to jail if they get them. He says that there is only one way and advises the two of them to get married. He tells them to go to the temple of Indranagar.

The police asks them when did they last see Raj, and when did Avni come here for the last time. Abhay comes inside. Savri shows him what they had done, Abhay says they are not telling anyone about them because they themselves don’t know about it and he tells everybody that he was the one who had helped them escape. Akshat slaps Abhay. Abhay tells Akshat that he can do whatever he want to, because they won’t be able to separate them. The inspector announces that Raj’s car has been seen going towards the temple. Abhay tells them they are going to marry each other. Avni’s family are shocked as they find out that Raj and Avni are about to get married in a temple. Savvri is worried and says that they must hurry to stop them and the whole family decide to stop them. Meanwhile, Raj and Avni come to the temple. The pundit says Abhay’ friend told him they want to marry and prepares to start the wedding. Raj drapes himself in a pink dupatta and Avni with a red bridal dress. Savri, Akshat, Suket and Bhavna heads in the car to the temple. Savri urges Akshat to drive fast. Avni and Raj put flowers into each other’s necks. The family reaches the temple, they all run upstairs but Suket and others are unsuccessful in stopping Raj and Avni as there was no one there. The wedding fire was lit. The police van arrives behind. Savri says that they must not have gone far and ask them to put that Raj in jail, the inspector says that they both are adult and have right to marry. The police leave, Suket is distressed hearing this.

Abhay is home, when the family arrive Bhavna cries that how can their own daughter betray them. Savri says that they will find them, and she won’t leave that Raj and will teach him a lesson. She takes Bhavna inside but they are shocked to see Raj and Avni in the house. Bhavna heads towards Avni and double slap her, she cries asking what she did and that she made her ashamed. Avni holds her mother and says she didn’t marry. They notices there was no ‘sindoor’ or ‘mangal-sootar’ in her neck. Raj tells them politely that they didn’t marry. Avni says that they had enough time but they didn’t marry because they wanted to get all their blessings. They wanted that love wins only when they accept them. Bhavna hugs the crying Avni. Raj holds Bhavna to stands up, and says that he want to be with Avni but not at the cost of hurting her mother, he want to give Avni a happy life and he know how much she loves them all. He gives Avni’s hand in Bhavna and says that she is hers and he is returning Avni to her; whatever efforts they did to save their lover were wrong, and he apologize to them. He then comes to Suket, and asks if he can talk to him for five minutes before leaving and that tonight has been tough for him as well like his. He won’t ask anything from him again. Suket leaves from there then Raj follows. Avni is worried.

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Suket is harsh and asks Raj what he had to say? Raj says that he ask for an advance apology for all what he is going to say. He asks what is his mistake, that his rules and regulations prove him unable to be married to Avni. He says that he love Avni more that him and this is possible that he might get someone more smart and intelligent than him but only he can keep Avni happy. And he never do something that Avni won’t love. Raj reminds him that he selected Samarth for his daughter but Avni loved him ( Raj ). Suket asks if he is done? Raj says no, he continue that world’s rule apart but if someone misbehaves with Avni he won’t stay quiet. And one more thing, he won’t bear that Savri or Akshat points at his family as he love them like Avni. Suket comes inside, he tells Bhavna to take Avni to her room and make her understand never to do this again.

Madhuri is worried and hopes they had married. Raj comes home. Madhuri hugs him and asks what he did, he was trying to run away taking Avni, without telling them. Raj calms her down, Raj asks for their apology joining hands. Jashan asks where Avni is, and did he marry. Raj says they didn’t, as they didn’t want to do another mistake. Madhuri asks for explanations, Raj tells them the truth. Raj says that he tells Suket what he thought was right. Madhuri asks what does his heart say, he says he feel better. Madhuri says that they should know how clear his heart is, and they will understand no one can be better than him. On the other hand, Akshat says there will be kidnapping case on Raj, Suket says there will be no delay in Avni’s wedding. Savri says she told Bhavna about this a few days ago. Suket says he know a good guy. Avni lights his candle, Avni says that he changed hers and Raj’s thinking and saved them from a big mistake. She says that their love is in his hands. Akshat and Savri prepares for wedding. Avni asks what this is all about. Suket tells Bhavna to get Avni ready, a guy is coming to see her. Bhavna takes Avni’s hand. She takes a dress for Avni, Arpita comes and asks if she run away? She tells Bhavna that when Avni came home then why is dad fixing her marriage with someone else. Bhavna says that everyone does whatever they want at home. Avni asks what she want. Bhavna says she never want her to go against her dad and she is afraid only about family’s respect when she heard about Avni. Bhavna tells Arpita to get her ready, and gets to leave when Suket comes inside.

Avni tells her dad that he know about all the truth. Suket replied her that she always said her dad can’t be wrong. Bhavna goes out of the room. Avni cries hugging Arpita. Bhavna comes to her room, and watches Avni’s photo. Suket comes to the room. She says is it important what he is going to do. She tells him that if Raj is Avni’s happiness then not to fix her proposal with someone else. Suket says that what he has think, and what he is going to do is right and he is never affirmed about any of his decision. Akshat comes to Arpita and says that all the preparations are done, and Avni will forget about this love. He sees disbelief in Arpita’s eyes. Akshat asks can’t she foresee that elders blessings are important for the relations. She says no, as their relation is also not the perfect one. Akshat leaves, Arpita calls Raj and tells him that dad has seen that guy for Avni and is fixing the wedding today. Raj is leaving home when Madhuri and Jashan say that they will go with him. They reach Avni’s house, Savri is excited when a cars pulls out and it’s turns out to be Raj with his family.

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Jashan asks what is lacking in Raj, and what do they want. Raj asks who that guy is, who is so perfect and he asks who that guy who can keep his Avni happy. Bauji says that his hair have grown grey. Raj asks where the guy is, and why doesn’t he come in front of him. Suket takes the Shagun plate and comes to Raj. He says that he can’t come to his front because that is him. Raj takes the plate in elation. Bauji asks what he will say about his experience now. Suket says that the running plan is his, his father ( Bauji ) and Abhay. Abhay smiles at them. Suket says that he could have marry, but he came back and apologized and this proves that he is not selfish in his love and such love is precious. He gives his daughter’s hand in his. Bhavna brings the Arti tray, and says that this was their plan. Abhay explains that his dad had sent Avni to her room and he went to Bauji’s room. He had said that their love is innocent; dad had said that he is not innocent and will take Avni along and run to get married. Abhay denied this; Bauji says that they should test them. Make them run, if they come back unmarried and they will marry them. Bauji appreciates that they returned. Suket then adds that Raj failed all his tests but passed the most difficult one.

Raj and Avni’s alliance finally gets fixed. Avni goes straight to the temple, praying and watches her lit candle. Arpita hugs Raj. Raj comes to touch Bhavna’s feet, she stops him and says that he and Avni should take the blessings together. Raj comes to Avni and begins wiping her tears, she says these are the tears of happiness and not to wipe it. They oil the candle of their love together. Savri Bua and Akshat are not very pleased with Suket’s decision of getting Avni married to Raj. Savri asks Suket to say no to the proposal. Bauji tells Savri that she always supported Suket’s decision and asks why not today. Raj and Avni takes Bauji’s blessings, they hug Pratab and Abhay. Raj says he didn’t know about the acting skills of Abhay. Abhay says he knew Avni won’t get the happiness without her family’s blessings, he says that another test is still waiting i.e Akshat and Savri. Bauji tells them both to bless Raj and Avni. Both Savri Bua and Akshat bless the new couple although not very convincingly.

They hug Madhuri and Arpita. Bauji asks Akshat and Savri to give the gifts to Madhuri and Jashan. Later, the two of them reluctantly go to present the ‘shagun ki thali’ to Madhuri and Jashan. Madhuri says she doesn’t want to disrespect them, but this right is of their parents and asks them to wait until their parents arrive so that all the rituals can take place in a grander manner. Bauji appreciates this. Suket apologizes for all they had to suffer. Madhuri says there is no need for that, and says she will call her parents in Australia to come back soon. Avni serves the food, Bauji tells her to pour more; he is not sure till when she will be there. Avni thanks her father, but he gives credit to Abhay. Arpita asks Pratab if she can design Avni’s jewellery. Akshat leaves the table. Bhavna asks about the dresses, but Arpita tells them that Raj decided the colour and dupatta of Avni’s dress. Abhay says that he will decide all this till marriage. Later, Pratap gets impressed by Arpita’s jewellery designs. He says that he designed the jewellery for a client once before. Akshat comes and sits there. Pratab offers Arpita a job along with him. Arpita gets excited and she immediately accepts the job without consulting Akshat. Pratab leaves, Akshat get furious with this and ask what’s the need for her to work. Arpita says yes. Akshat says that now she is married. Arpita asks what marriage is he talking about, in which there is no support to her from her husband. She asks what is his attitude towards Avni and Raj? She adds that in the end, what happened was what she wanted and what was right; but now she will take her own decisions. Akshat is upset and asks her to be ready for the consequences as well. She says she will be, and leaves taking the files. Raj is climbing to Avni’s wall with rose in his mouth. Suket comes and calls him. He asks what? Raj says he want to meet Avni. Suket asks in this way? Raj says they are used to it. Suket comes down and tells him that when the family has accepted then there is a door to go inside. Suket takes Raj inside, and tells him how the door works. Bhavna and Bauji smiles while Avni peeks when her father teaches him the steps to walk. Avni s also there inside. Suket tells them he was going to Avni’s room. Bauji says that now he know why the stair-case is always beneath Avni’s window. Suket tells them to sit and talk in the lounge. They talk about dinner. Bauji takes a leave. Bhavna smiles, watching them like this. Suket tells them to talk, but Bhavna takes him along. Raj stands up, and then poses to be reading the paper. Bhavna comes to them, puts a black kajal mark at both of them, wishes that they both are saved from the bad eye. She then goes upstairs. They hug.

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Bhavna is outside in the lawn, Bauji comes to her and tells her to stop living in the past and be happy. Bhavna says that whatever happened in the last and few days, what Avni and the family did; it refreshed all the old memories. She says that she is thankful that today is much better; she just wants that there is no blessings from her parents. Bauji asks till when will she keep stuck to the past; Avni’s marriage has been fixed and the environment of the family is good. He later advises Bhavna to reveal the hidden truth about her past in front of everybody as it is the best time for doing so and they will accept it. Bhavna requests him to keep it a secret and claims that there have been happy moments in the family after a long time. She says she doesn’t have the courage to go through all this again. She touches her mother’s locket and recalls the past days. She says that she won’t let her past come across her family and asks Bauji to be quiet too. Meanwhile, Avni tells Raj she doesn’t believe this is a dream or true. Raj says this is truth and a sweet one. He has informed his parents and they will come here soon. Akshat comes to bed, Arpita looks at him and takes her pillows away. Avni asks Raj how will the married live be. Raj says it will be like a song. Avni asks which song.

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