PHOTOS: Soldiers Punishing A Civilian In Public

Bomb explosion hits Gombe Church
Kerosene scarcity hits Lagos, Ogun
Normally I thought these uniformed army guys were restricted to the barracks. I thought they were meant to fight to keep the sovereign borders secured from any intruding nation.From what I am seeing on these images it proves one thing that we have a long way to go in allowing the rightful people to perform their duties. It is totally unacceptable for military man to be found in this kind of situation. It is a big stigma to the reputation of the Nigerian army.

These images were taken along cmd road, Magodo, Shangisha, Lagos.

Soldiers are not policemen. They are trained for war and they can not stand indiscipline!
The soldier is not trained for that job, so he punishes civilians the same way he punishes soldiers

So the real question is: why is the Nigerian police so useless that we often find soldiers doing the job of a policeman ?

Source: Nairaland

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