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The next morning, Kanhaiya, Suhnaina and Shakuntala are having their breakfast while Sona serves and Kanhaiya asks Sona to sit and have breakfast with them. Sona says that she is keeping fast for the teej and Suhnaina says didn’t i told yesterday? Sona is a married woman and that’s why she is keeping the fast. This is to celebrate Shiv and Parvati’s punar milan and also to get blessings of Shiv and Parvathi. Things are currenly not good between both of you but Sona has to keep the fast since she is married. Kanhaiya asks Sona not to fast and both Sona and Suhnaina are shocked. Sona says but i want to fast for our relationship and Suhnaina smiles and sees Chitrasi’s face. Suhnaina says Chitrasi, you woke up early today. Come and have some food and Chitrasi says she is not feeling well and don’t feel like eating anything. I will go and take rest in my room and Suhnaina says alright, go and rest and Suhnaina looks at Sona while Sona nods her head. Chitrasi enters Siddeshwar’s room and Siddeshwar asks where was Chitrasi as he didn’t see her. Chitrasi says that she was not feeling well and that’s why she was resting in her room. Siddeshwar gets worried and says he is going to call the doctor and Chitrasi says there is no need for it and Siddeshwar says she is like his own daughter and i can’t keep quiet when you are not feeling well. But the saddest thing is i could not do anything to help your sad life. But i am sure you will soon get your happiness as Kanhaiya and Sona are going apart. That’s why despite being married, they have not consummate their marriage. Chitrasi thinks to herself that Kanhaiya will make the decision and Sona needs to always stay away from Kanhaiya. Sona is decorating the mandir and she starts feeling dizzy and Kanhaiya watches this. Kanhaiya goes to Sona and watches her doing work and starts helping to decorate. Sona asks Kanhaiya to leave it and Kanhaiya says that when a wife is keeping fast for her husband, he too is worried for his wife’s health and will help her. Chitrasi sees both Sona and Kanhaiya together. Sona says i know you still care and love me and i pray that i successfully complete this fast for us. Kanhaiya thinks in himself that Sona ji, i want you to complete this fast and we must be happy together. Sona prays the same to herself while Chitrasi thinks to herself that she will not let Sona complete her fast. Kanhaiya leaves for his work and Sona remembers something and Chitrasi comes on the way and looks at Sona while Sona stares and leaves. A guy comes then from Allampur when Sona’s dadi had sent some pooja things (Sindoora) and Chitrasi says to herself how lucky is she that she received it instead of Sona and she is not going to allow Sona to complete the pooja. Sona gets ready in her room and gets a call from Dadi while Dadi asks how is everything here and Sona says everything is fine here as Suhnaina had came over and she is supporting her in everything she does. Dadi says that the jodi of the saas-bahu will surely win and i had sent over the Sindoora. Do you know the meaning of the sindoora? Sona says how can i not know it since you thought me all this? It comes from the maayka where it has sweets, sindoor and all the necessary things for a married woman and Dadi says you are right. Dadi says remember to collect it and Sona says when did you sent it since i did not receive it yet. Dadi says but the guy who sent it even called me and said someone collected it. Try asking anyone in the house and Sona says she surely will and Dadi says she prays everything turns like how it used to be. Sona is walking looking around and Chitrasi asks are you looking for your sindoora? Sona says yes and Chitrasi smiles. Sona gets angry saying if you took my Sindoora, return it to me and Chitrasi says have i ever done anything good for you? How do you expect me to give it back to you? Sona says shut up and give it back to me. Chitrasi asks Sona to look at the clock where its 6pm and Sona only has another 6 hours to look for her Sindoora.

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Chitrasi says you need to look for the Sindoora within 6 hours or i would burn it in front of you. Are you prepared and Sona asks what is this new drama? Chitrasi says don’t waste time and Sona says i am ready and Chitrasi says lets meet again in 6 hours and lets see if you can look for it. Suhnaina says that we need to teach her a lesson which she will remember for life. Sona says i’ve looked for ot everywhere and i can’t seem to find it and we are running out of time as its already 11.35pm. Suhnaina says the fasting will not be complete if you don’t have the sindoora. Suhnaina thinks and asks Sona to quietly go and look for it inChitrasi and Shakunta’s room and also in the kitchen while she will go and look for it in Siddeshwar and his son’s room. Lets look together and we will be able to search for it. Sona enters Chitrasi’s room and Chitrasi smiles saying Sona can look for it where she wants to and Sona starts searching for it while Chitrasi smiles and Sona leaves. Suhnaina enters Kamal’s room and Kamal is getting reading and Kamal asks Suhnaina to sit and Suhnaina says its alright and looks around and finds nothing. Sona meets Suhnaina and says its not here and they continue searching. Suhnaina enters Siddeshwar’s room and Siddeshwar asks how is Suhnaina and Suhnaina looks around while Siddeshwar says that Suhnaina looks worried. Suhnaina says yes i am worried thinking of old memories and thought of talking to you. Siddeshwar says do treat this as your own house . Suhnaina meets Sona and says even i am not able to find the Sindoora anywhere and the clock is now showing 11.50pm. Sona says i feel that Chitrasi will win this time and Suhnaina says that we will teach her a good lesson. The clock is now showing 12am and Sona is in tears and Chitrasi comes to Sona asking if she was not able to find it? Come with me Sona, i will show you where is the Sindoora and Chitrasi brings Sona. Sona says you said the Sindoora is in the house but this is the basement and Chitrasi asks if is this basement in the neighbours house? Here is your Sindoora and Chitrasu takes a matches and lights it in front of Sona while Sona says you can’t do this and Chitrasi says you had lost and Chitrasi is about to place the fire on the sindoora..

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