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Episode 234 – 237

At Undisclosed location, Raj and Avni are then taken to an undisclosed location, where they are blindfolded, as the goons surround them. Raj and Avni blindfolds are removed. Raj asks what do they want. Later they all remove their masks and it turns out that both Raj and Avni’s family kidnapped them. Raj and Avni get shocked to find their parents and brothers in the mask. Their families starts taunting them that they want to spend their happiness together and not with their families. Akshat and Jashan too hug each other. Raj and Avni are overwhelmed with emotions to get their whole families together, without any troubles of the past, just the moment of happiness and the future. The entire family join together and shower love on them. Suket says that Abhay left them, but they got another son in Raj, and they thank the lord for all this. Raj is overwhelmed and then eyes an emotional Bhavna and wiping her tears, says that he would never ever let her cry again. Avni too hugs her. All are emotional and happy that everything is alright. They then take everyone’s blessings. Avni apologises to Anjali, and then takes her blessings, but Anjali says that her place is not in her feet, and that she is like her daughter. Vikram says that makes him her dad, and Avni smilingly hugs him too. Raj makes Avni meet Madhuri again, as the sister in-law. All are amused as they happily banter. it’s a total family reunion. Avni finds her mother Bhawna tensed, and asks if she is missing Abhay. Bhavna says that Abhay wanted this only, that the two families reconcile, and for that, he has sacrificed his life. Avni says that Abhay has not left, but is in their hearts, and will be very happy to see them like this, as it was his last wish. They hug each other emotionally. Bhanva tells Vikram and Anjali, that she is finally giving away the happiness of her home, her dearest daughter, and asks them to take good care of her daughter.

Later in the night at Raj’s residence, Vikram and Anjali get into an argument when they try to decide a place to send Raj and Avni on their honeymoon, which is the most memorable time of their marital life, while Raj and Avni are amused. Raj asks them to atleast ask the people who have to go. Raj then asks Avni, and she says that she just wants to sleep. Raj agrees. They begin to go, and Vikram and Anjali continue to try and keep them back, as part of a planned process, and they continue with their rant. When Jashan comes in the balcony, and gives them the go ahead, they finally let them both go. Raj is confused and baffled at their weird behaviour.

As Raj and Avni come up discussing their weird behaviour, Madhuri tells Avni and Raj, amusingly that they have just a small surprise for her. Jashan comes out, with a rose in his mouth, and tells them that it’s all ready. Mahduri asks him to shut up and not spoil the fun and asks him to come along, so that Raj and Avni can enjoy the surprise. They are boggled at their weird behaviour too. Madhuri asks them to perform the ritual of getting inside, and that they need to give her a gift. Raj says that he gives her his own wife. While the ladies hug, Jashan slides in a jewellery box in Raj’s hand, and he gives it to Madhuri who is very happy. They both leave. Before entering, Raj carries Avni in his arms.

As Raj carries Avni in his arms, inside the room, they are overwhelmed to see that the room is decorated to celebrate their wedding night. As the two families have now left behind all their differences and have come together, Raj and Avni feel that they are now married in true sense. Raj comments to Avni, that they finally got what they wanted, and are celebrating their marriage just the way they wanted. Raj tries to get Avni to kiss him on the lips. She is shy and rushes away. Finally Raj gets her to be intimate with her, and she too reciprocates his love for her. The two of them have a romantic night and finally, after much turmoils, Raj and Avni finally consummate their marriage, with much passion and romance.

The next morning, Avni wakes Raj up, but he wishes her and then turns aside to sleep again. When he doesn’t wake up, she drops her wet hair on his forehead, to get him out of his sleep. He wakes up, saying that his another wish came true. When she asks what, he says that this is how he wants to be waken everyday, and that he wants just this. Avni says that it’s good, and leaves. But Raj insists childishly asks her for a kiss. Avni asks him to close his eyes, and when he does, and puckers his lips, she kisses him on the cheek, and then is about to rush out, when he stops her, and tries to kiss her on the lips, but she puts her hand in the middle. She immediately rushes out, while he is disappointed.

Avni serves everyone breakfast at the dining table, while she is flustered as everyone teases her on her wedding night, and she is embarrassed. Raj goes to the dining table and starts giving excuses that he was handling business calls hence got late, while showcasing a kiss imprint on his cheeks and his family laugh at him when they see the lipstick mark on his cheek. Avni notices the impression of kiss on his cheeks, and shows it to Raj, while he asks if her cheek is itching, hence she is signalling like that. All are amused at Avni’s plight, and Raj’s blissful ignorance. Avni leaves. Raj asks if he did anything wrong. Anjali amusingly asks him to go and find out. Avni wipes the kiss off his cheek, and Raj gloats that they are married, and if they are, then they would kiss each other anytime. Akshat arrives just then, and Madhrui teases them on the kiss on the cheek. Akshat asks Raj and Avni to come home for ‘pakphera’ (a hindu ritual that takes place a day after the marriage) and that he has come to take them for the ceremony. They are happy.

At Suket’s residence, while Bhavna is busy excitedly preparing snacks and sweets in the kitchen, for Avni and Raj, Savri doesn’t like it. Savri Bua instigates her how can she forget the fact that Abhay murderer is from that family, and their own relative, and comments that she actually has a huge heart. Bhavna says that anger and hatred only spoils relations, and they have enough history of hatred, to prolong it any further, and hence they decided to put a stop to it for the better. Bua says that she won’t be able to impress them. Bhavna says that Avni and Raj are not at fault for what happened, and asks Bua to forget everything and start afresh, and if she can’t, then she is welcome to leave the house. Bhavna leaves. Savri is sure that they are frauds and that she won’t be befooled by them.

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Raj and Avni arrive, and Bhavna expresses her desire to get all the rituals properly, post marriage, as she couldn’t do them pre-marriage. They all don’t let Raj and Avni work, treating them as guests, while they ask them not to treat them as special. Savri Bua is annoyed with the special treatment Raj is being given.

As they continue being formal, and Suket and Bhawna get to attending them, Raj says that if this continues, then he would leave. Savri Bua says that he is already being demanding. Raj says that if avyni is the daughter, then he too is the son, and he doesn’t need attention as a son-in-law, and he just wants everyone to be normal. Bhavna brings a sweater, and Avni is shocked that this sweater is for Abhay. Raj says that he can’t take it. Bhavna says that just now he said that he is the son of the house, and she made it lovingly for Abhay, and asks Raj to accept it for her happiness. Savri Bua is frustrated. Suket says that he too wants to give him a gift, which is not as priceless as Bhavna, but it’s still from his heart. He hands Raj a file, and Raj finds that they are the property papers. They are shocked to find that whatever Suket gave to Abhay has now gone to Raj. Seeing this, Savri Bua gets further angry when she sees Bhavna giving Abhay sweater to Raj and Suket giving him a part of the property that belonged to Abhay. Raj says that he can’t take it, and that it’s good for him, that Suket think of him as being so special. But Suket insists, and Raj complies. Savri is instiagted that suket is favouring Raj, over the son of the house, Akshat and that’s injustice to him. She decides to do something about it.

Avni takes Raj to her room, and tells him that since she fell in love with him, all she could think of was spending every single moment with him. She starts reminiscing all their past romantic moments with him and while the two of them re-live their past memories, Raj makes fun of marking every date with every significance. Avni checkmates him by asking the date that they first met. Raj gives an answer, and then one more, as Avni’s expression shows that he answered wrongly. Avni starts saying that all married men are the same. But then Raj surprises her pleasantly, reminding her of all their special dates, and Avni overwhelmingly hugs him.

Meanwhile, Savri finds Akshat sitting alone in his room and working on the laptop, and tries to brainwash Akshat against Raj. She instigates him about how Raj is getting what Akshat rightfully deserves, as he too has to start a family now, and that Suket and his family should focus on him, rather than on the beloved son-in-law of the house, who is taking what’s rightfully to the son of the house, i.e. Akshat. She asks him if he is working to expand the business for Raj, as Suket just gave everything away, and Raj is reaping benefit for all the hard work that he is putting in. She tells him that her own husband never got anything, and never demanded too, then why should the case be any different from Raj. Akshat is tensed, but he asks her not to think about this and bother herself, as it’s completely fine, and he doesn’t mind at all, about his father’s descision. As Akshat gets busy in his work, Savri Bua sits tensed, thinking that Akshat is behaving like a fool.

On the other hand, Suket decides to give the tender of the new project to Raj as he feels that Raj had worked hard on it. Suket along with the neg, also hands over the tender of their newest project, despite Raj and Avni’s insistence against it, and seeing this Savri Bua gets upset while Akshat is tensed. Akshat however silently complies. Savri speaks to Akshat about it and instigates him again, that this is unfair and injustice to him and asks him to make a decision regarding it. But he doesn’t comment on anything. Suket asks Akshat to get the papers ready, to transfer the tender to Raj.

Later, Suket wonders where Akshat got left behind, as he should have come back with the contract papers by now. Savri goes to find out, and again uses this chance to instigate Akshat to stand up for what’s right. Akshat silently leaves with the file. Savri is tensed. Akshat hands the tender file to his father Suket, who signs it, and then finds that Akshat’s sign is missing, as without it, the tender won’t be transferred to Raj. He asks Akshat to sign, and he refuses to sign on the tender that his father wants to give Raj. Savri is amused. Suket asks what does he mean. Bhavna is tensed. Akshat expresses that his rights are being infringed upon and instead says that he does not want all the property to go to Raj as he too has a share in it. Suket gets upset and says that he is shocked to find that Akshat thinks like this, but Akshat is adamant, shocking his mother Bhavna and Suket. Akshat, instigated by Savri, stands up in front of his father saying that till now it was okay, but now they are even giving Raj shares in stocks, shares and tenders too, and this is going overboard and that he just wants an equal right to his father’s property, like Raj’s. Savri too supports Akshat. Bhavna remind her son that Avni is the daughter of this house, and has equally contributed to setting the empire, and hence Akshat should not talk like this. Akshat says that he apologises to speak in front of them, but he has to start a family, and this is his right, and he won’t let it go easily to Raj. Suket asks what does he want. Akshat says that he wants his rightful part, and more than Raj, as he is the son, and Raj is the son-in-law. Suket says that he has a solution, and it may be difficult but it would solve the problem completely. Bhavna asks what’s he thinking, and he says that he has decided for partition of property and business. All are shocked hearing this.

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At Raj’s residence, Anjali and Vikram decide to go back abroad as they want to start a business in Avni’s name and also because they want to close the complete chapter related to Virat. Raj and Avni finds Anjali both packing, and is shocked to know that they are leaving for Australia. She says that they are going there, so that they can permanently come back to india. Vikram says that they have to finish the business, so that they can wrap up there, and come back here. She says aside the business, they are also going to collect evidences against Virat’s fraud, so that he can serve a lifetime in prison. Avni composes her, and Anjali says that she would have to close this chapter. Anjali hands over the responsibility of the entire mad family on Avni, and she happily accepts.

In the evening, Avni comes to find Jashan dancing, while Madhuri is guffawing. Raj too starts dancing, while Avni is shocked. Madhuri is overjoyed. The men start enjoying their new found freedom. Avni thinks that this is actually turned into a madhouse. Both the couples, enjoy their uninhibited romance. Pooja comes and interrupts Avni and Raj’s romance, by sitting between them, while Avni is amused. Madhuri and Jashan enjoy Raj’s plight. After Jashan and Madhuri are asleep, Raj and Avni are unable to love and get intimate with each other, while Pooja continues to interrupt the romance. But even is answering her innocent questions, they find the way to romance each other. As Pooja slips off, to eat, Avni and Raj get intimate but as fate would have it, she is interrupted by her father Suket’s call. Avni tensedly tells Raj that they have been called rightaway, and hopes that there’s no problem. Both are tensed.

At Suket’s residence, Avni and Raj come there and asks everyone what’s the matter, and if all is okay. All stand tensed. Suket tells them what Akshat has been insinuating. Bhavna and Savri are tensed. Suket tells how he wants to have the partition. Raj and Avni are shocked. Suket keeps all the property papers in front of Akshat and Raj and asks them to take half each. He then asks Akshat, that if he doesn’t feel bad, he wants to give the first chance to choose between the two halves first to Raj, as he deserves this. Savri is angry thinking that Raj would choose the bigger portion. Suket asks Raj to choose first, and Bhavna too asks Avni to make the decision without hesitation. Avni is stressed. Raj folds his hands, and says that he doesn’t need this, but their love and affection and the sense of belonging. Raj pleads to Akshat, that they would be able to earn this property by hardwork, and dedication, but he won’t let this be a reason to get in the way, of this new found, and hard earned realtionship between the two families. Raj and Avni get overwhelmed, while Bhavna too gets emotional as Raj refuses to take any half and instead stresses on maintaining a healthy relationship with the family. Raj says that he won’t let any strifes come in between them, due to money and property. Savri is ashamed. Akshat later turns to Savri Bua and asks her to look at the real and pure intentions of Raj. He asks Savri if she is now satisfied, as she finally understand the true value of Raj. It turns out that Akshat was only acting in order to make Savri Bua realize her fault. Savri is shocked to find that it’s a planned conspiracy to make her understand and feel guilty. Raj and Avni ask Savri if they can be forgiven and loved by her. Savri finally accepts Raj as part of the family and extends her arms to both of them, and hugs them overwhelmingly, as they rush to her. They all smile. Akshat teases her that she would have to give a big something to Raj too. As Savri asks if she can give him a ring, Avni says that Raj already has a ring given by Madhuri and Jashan. Savri says that she would gift them something bigger and better. Avni says that this is not needed, as gifts are not big or small, but the feelings behind them are geunine. Savri is tensed, but hides it, and retreats for the night hastily. Avni and Raj are tensed.

Bhavna comes in the room and tells Savri that she is very happy, that Savri could accept Raj and Avni, forgetting all the hurtful past, and her prejudices. Savri says that she too believes in the goodness of Raj now. Bhavna says that even Raj’s family is as good as he is, and Savri gets tensed immediately at their discussion. Bhavna adds that their family too is very good, particularly Madhuri and Jashan. Savri again gets tensed at their mention. Bhavna asks Savri to get rid of this bitterness. Savri Bua says that she doesn’t have a big heart like hers, and she can’t forgive the fact that the child that she wanted, was given to them. Bhavna says that she understands her thinking, but Pooja going to them isn’t their fault. Savri says that she knows, but she still can’t get out of it, and it would take her a long time, and she is taking small strides towards it, and asks Bhavna not to pressurise her. Bhavna agrees saying that she knows one day Savri would accept them herself.

At Raj’s residence, Madhuri and Jashan, come back with packed suitcases and break the news to Raj and Avni about their honeymoon to them been planned for europe, by their father Vikram, and they have to leave tomorrow. Therefore they take the liberty to pack their stuff and listening to them Raj gets extremely excited but Avni does not seem happy. While Raj along with them start excitedly discussing their honeymoon plans, Avni gets upset, and in their excitement they don’t notice that Avni has left. When .adhuri points it out, Raj says that she must be packing up, and goes to check on her.

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Raj comes in his room, to find Avni crying and tensed. He rushes to her, and asks about the problem. She hesitatingly asks him not to be angry and upset, if she says something. He asks her what’s the matter, assuring her that he won’t get angry. She says that she doesn’t want to go and tells him that it has been only a few days since Abhay’s death and it will not be a good idea to go for a honeymoon so soon and she heartily feels for Raj’s father gesture, but what if they can’t go. Raj silently complies and agrees to her. Avni is pleased with Raj and apologises, but he says that their understanding is over this, and he is not angry and upset at all. Asking her not to worry, and assuring her, he leaves to get the tickets cancelled, and promises to have their first wedding anniversary at Europe. He leaves. She calls Devika, and tells her that Raj was very understanding about all of this, and describes as to how instead she just wants a simple honeymoon, on a bonfire, with Raj, irrespective of the place. Raj hears his wife speaking to her friend about her desire to spend time with him and smiles, as she longingly eyes Raj’s pictures.

Later, as she comes down, and doesn’t find anyone, she presumes that Raj is angry, but is shocked to find the whole room set in European fashion and happy as her husband fulfils her wish and creates a mini Europe for her. She is surprised to find Raj behaving as if they already are in europe. He also makes up for snow, by the artificial machine, and Avni is very happy. Avni looks up and finds Raj, and blows him a kiss. She looks up again, and doesn’t find him. He comes to her, and they both start dancing again. She finds every fantasy about his honeymoon fulfilled by Raj, as she revels in it. Avni says that he must have overheard her conversation with her friend and Raj says that he knows her. She says that this is the best honeymoon and the two of them enjoy a romantic date together.

Inside, Raj is praised by Madhuri for his efforts, and then complains that Jashan never did anything like that. They start fighting as to who loves Pooja more. Raj asks them not to disturb his honeymoon. thyey leave. Raj and Avni are dancing romantically. Meanwhile, Just when it looked like everything was going back to normal, Jashan and Madhuri find Pooja missing. They search around and alarm Raj and Avni too, who gets tensed. Avni finds the door open, and leaves to find her. Avni comes inside, with Pooja’s teddy and find out that Pooja has been kidnapped after reading a letter, saying that someone has kidnapped Pooja. Hearing this, Raj is shocked. Madhuri and Jashan are shocked to hear this too. Mahduri starts ranting Pooja’s name incoherently. They all try and calm her down. Madhuri faints, and they all try and compose her, and Raj says that the kidnapper has told them to wait for his call, but he decides to go and call the police first. Jashan says that he would give away everything to get Pooja back. As a parent, Jashan is tensed, as the kidnapper threatened them not to call the police, for Pooja’s sake. But Raj assures him that he won’t let any harm befall Pooja, and will be extra cautious. They both leave, while Avni stays back with Madhuri.

At Suket’s residence, while Savri and Bhavna are working in the kitchen, Arpita comes and gives a letter to Savri who is boggled, while Arpita and Bhavna are amused. Savri is tensed to find that it’s an adoption form. Bhavna says that she had asked Arpita to get this form. Savri is scared of the previous experience. Arpita and Bhavna ask her not to worry, as now is the time to fill her incomplete life, and be happy herself. Savri says that she just liked Pooja, and no one else, and she can’t take that out, and hence requests her not to force her, as she is not ready mentally, to get over Pooja. She then reprimands Arpita harshly, that she need not think about her welfare, as she would be wasting time. As she leaves, Bhavna asks her not to get upset, and Arpita says that she understands her and no more feels bad at Savri Bua’s words. She sends Bhavna away, and tries to finish the work in the kitchen. She feels nauseous and rushes to the bathroom. Arpita finds out about her pregnancy.

Later, she tells Akshat about it and as Arpita suggests her pregnancy to Akshat, through infant socks and diaper, he gets super excited, and starts suggesting her diet plan, and starts on her planning for the same. Arpita asks him to calm down, While he revels that he would make this pregnancy a very special one for her. She is overwhelmed with his excitement. In the night, Akshat and Arpita starts excitedly talking about this pregnancy, as to how this child will fill up the incompleteness in the family, after Abhay’s absence. She teases him that she wanted her online friend to know about this. They both smile. They decide to tell their family about this, while akshat is over protective of her.

Later, Suket and Bhavna, retire for their room, ascending the stairs, as they discuss what an ideal daughter-in-law Arpita is now, and how they have as a family, grown stronger in the past one year. They are stopped by Akshat and Arpita, who fight amongst themselves, as to who will tell this news as the two of them are excited to give this news to their parents. Just then, Avni calls them up. Avni is extremely tensed when she talks with them. Avni informs her mother about Pooja that Pooja has been kidnapped. Bhavna and Suket are tensed. All are shocked. Suket asks her not to be tensed, as nothing would happen to Pooja, and they will just reach there. Akshat decides to come along, but they both ask them to stay back, as there’s no one in the house. Akshat’s tensed.

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