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EPISODE 260-262

Uddham buys gifts for Chiku and Dimple. Dimple’s mom complains why the gift bought for Chiku is expensive and the gift bought for Dimple is cheap. Neelam says that Uddham shouldn’t have bought too much expensive gifts for both of the kids.

In the end, some rules are set in the house so that no one overspends any money. No one seems to be happy with the new set of rules that Sona has made. Sunhiaya gave the responsibility to Sona to make sure that no one overspends on anything.

Kanhaiya reads Sona’s list and is shocked asking if those were the budget list she made? Kanhaiya also teases her that it looks like a kundli. When Kanhaiya starts reading the list where one of the rule was to wake up early and shut the air conditioner off everytime. Sona informs him that the list was not only mearnt for him but for everyone and Kanhaiya ask if she was going to be an army officer? Sona laughs. Kanhaiya starts reading the list again and Sona asks him to go slow on it. Manohar is reading the list to Renu. He informs her clothes must be sent to the washing machine on time which is only once a day or they would need to wash it themselves. Renu is arguing while Manohar is explaining to Renu about the budget. Bindiya reads the list and taunts on what kind of list it was as though everything is happening in a prison. Govardan tries to cool down Bindiya while Sona comes to Chacha ji and says she had come to give him the news. Sona explains to Chacha ji about subscribing newspaper instead of buying it everyday as it could save them money too. Chacha ji says that he had not realized it earlier and he will do it today itself.

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Chacha ji gives money to Sona and informs her the money wasn’t enough but Sona replies that all this money will be kept in the budget fund and it would be used whenever anyone in the family faces any problem. Dimple comes to Chiku and says to Chicku that as kids, they should not be included in the rules as both of them are not happy with the rules.

Udham comes to Neelam and tells her that this now doesn’t looks like a house but a refugee camp but he is going to have fan. Neelam asks Udham to make sure he keeps to the rule and Udham vehemently replies that he is a major army officer and a major army officer doesn’t break rules or he will be dead.Neelam gets upset and asked him not to say things like that . Udham change the mood of where the topic was heading and asks how Neelam think of good things all the time. Neelam gets shy and smile. On the other hand Durgesh and Darshana are talking about the rule as they are unhappy with it.

Durgesh kept thinking of a plan to make a special space for himself in the house. Neelam brings tea for Udham and he looks at Neelam. Neelam smiles asking why she was looking at her in that manner. Udham asked if she need a reason to look at his wife? I will drink the tea but sit with me for a while. Neelam gets shy and tries to leave the kitchen but Udham holds Neelam’s hand and asks her what the rush was all about, Neelam smiles and sit beside him . Neelam says that Sunaina has asked her to collect the aloo but Udham tells her he would go and get it instead. Udham drinks the hot tea and set off to get the aloo. He assures Neelam that both of them shall talk later, Udham leaves. Neelam looks at her hands which Udham hold and smiles. she wonder what has actually been happening to him these days. He has changed, she said. Sona is in the kitchen and Neelam walks in and starts doing her work. Sona notices Neelam was looking happy and asks Neelam why she looked so happy. Neelam tries to change the topic but Sona keeps asking. Neelam says today he… today he… Sona asks what he did, faster tell me. She said. Neelam happily says that Udham looked at her with love and he went to the market just for her.

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Sona yelled Major Udham Chaturvedi went to the market for Neelam? I am going to faint. Sona says finally Shiv ji listened to your prayers and hugs Neelam. Neelam said can I leave now but Sona kept teasing her. Neelam laughs and leaves while Sona prays that Neelam keeps smiling like this always. Udham is buying some vegetables and other people at the market kept laughing as Udham doesn’t know what to buy. Renu is weaving sweater for her future child. Renu and Bindiya starts hatching a plan to ruin the rules set for the household.

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